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“Hunger Games” Score To Feature Jennifer Lawrence

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She’s a fast-rising star in Tinseltown, and Jennifer Lawrence isn’t just starring in “The Hunger Games,” she’s also singing on the soundtrack.

According to a report, the blonde starlet will contribute a track to the film’s score, a collaboration between Danny Elfman and T-Bone Burnett.

When asked if he enjoyed working with Lawrence, Burnett told press, “Yeah, we did. And it was beautiful. She did great. She’s singing great. Killer actor too.”

Meanwhile, the rest of the soundtrack is said to be outstanding as well. Burnett shared, “It’s 300 years in the future, so we can take all sorts of liberties. [Elfman’s] got an incredible space he’s put together. It’s the most incredible studio I’ve ever seen and he’s got drums and marimbas and a cimbalom — just crazy instruments everywhere. We’re just going to go over there and rock out. I think we’re just going to play together. We’re going to do it together.

Source: Celebrity Gossip

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