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Jennifer Lawrence not shocked by fame‎

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Jennifer Lawrence thinks it’s “strange” when actors are shocked by their fame.

The 21-year-old actress – who has been in the industry since the age of 14 – explained she knew what she was doing when she got into the movie business, and she doesn’t believe in putting “walls” around herself which could stunt her success.

She said: “I always think it’s kind of strange when actors are shocked by fame, or claim to be disgusted by it. It’s kind of like, ‘Really? You knew what you were doing. You’re in movies’.

“You can’t put walls around yourself and say, ‘No, I’ll only let myself get this successful’.”

Despite her views on fame, the ‘Hunger Games’ star has “banned” herself from her “masochistic” hobby of performing internet searches of her name.

Jennifer added: “It was such a bad idea and I shouldn’t have done it. And I’ve banned myself from doing it again because it’s so masochistic and such a terrible way to start my morning.”

Source: NZ City

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