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  1. Not really fanatical about Ms. Lawrence, but started watching some of the rash of videos popping up. Hoping that she reads this:
    -You seem like a really good person. Don’t worry if people hate you. Hate usually is an outward projection anyway. If people start pitying you.. well… maybe take a sabbatical? Or just have Gail tell them to get stuffed, hehe. Besides, I think we’re here to fumble a little so just follow your heart as much as you can. If you slip, just pull yourself back.
    -Your looks…. just… *sigh* I mean. Ok. If you need to hear that your *stupid* HOT than there you go, but otherwise just.. shush. It’s a head shaker. More pointless validation that comes across as a silly concern. Plus, the people that concern themselves so much with your outward appearance should have no place in your heart. Maybe you need them to pay bills, but i think you should be out of money troubles by now, so just. Yeah.
    -Otherwise, I’ll take a shot at offering you my most heartfelt advise, if you want it:
    Relax! Keep having fun and live with your heart in your sleeve. You seem like your ready for deep meaningful love so I wish that for you. Don’t be too picky. Don’t let anyone pick for you. Please don’t try to do that bs “power couple” thing. That’s just a sad sad waste of your heart of hearts. Also, no one you find should “complete” anything. You are whole enough. You’ll both have to give concessions, take sh** (some, not too much though), and work on the relationship for the entirety of it. And, if you never bump into someone you can do that with than that’s ok. It’s better than settling for something harmful. Just keep living the best you can and take chances. If you don’t have anyone telling you that they love you, just call the family (I’d let you call me, but I’d have a hard time convincing my wife that it’s agápē). Practise your love too. Use it on strangers, animals, etc. I even step over lines of ants on the side walk. Cry. Pray. Give without receiving. TIP if you know they’re working for sh*t wages! (yeah, i saw that). Whatever it takes to exercise your heart and soul so that, when the opportunity arises, you can let it in, and it will want to enter 😉

  2. Jeb (auto correction) Jen great start I’ve got nothing simple to show but you plz point me in the right direction. I’m just a man in the R.A.F looking for a normal girl

  3. Your newest movie red sparrow was very good thank you for the great experiences i wish you well and hope you continue to have great success.

  4. I am Jennifer Lawrence’s real mother Bonnie Brown. She was kidnapped and brainwashed by my former brother in law after Jens real father died. She survived the best way she could and has now become a wonderful famous actress. It took me 14 years to find my girl
    “Raising Jennifer Lawrence as Molly Brown”

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