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  1. Dear Jennifer I have Loved your acting since I first seen Winter’s Bone, then went back and watched The Burning Plain. Seriously though these Hunger Games movies are bunk, I have seen three movies that were the SAME EXACT MOVIE!!! I Refuse to go to the last one and will not watch it 10 years from now when it comes out on public tv. So Please go back to Choosing Wisely when it comes to parts. Just my opinion.

    Donald H Lebert

    • Hi I need help with a veteran from Kentucky just wondering if you could help obviously I have proof that he is a veteran who risked his life for his country I don’t know where else to turn to. Sorry if this is bad of me

        • Hey, Jennifer Lawrence. People tell me often that we look alike. I creepily looked up your bday recently and our bdays are only 3 days apart. Guess God forgot to take it off shuffle and randomize for those few days. Anyway, I thought in a buzzed stupor to contact you and let you know that if you ever got tired of being in the limelight and wanted a body double to appear at random events or something that I’d do it for you. You’re a bit taller than me, but that’s nothing that heels can’t fix. I just think it would be hard on someone like you to continually have to be flushed in the public eye. So if you ever want a break, or if you ever want to just live your life and take a break and have someone else who looks a lot like you pose as you, then just hit me up. It would serve us both. You get a vacay from the spotlight, and I get a vacay of my own…’s a win win. I’d probably need to shed a few lbs. but I plan on doing that anyway. In the meantime, you could just be a fluffy Jennifer Lawrence. Just let me know.


          A person just trying to help us both out.

    • I’m sure your really Reallly busy and you probably don’t check these kinda things but I’ve watched your films and I’m completely at awe .. I don’t have social media so there’s no way to follow on you those type of things but I was wondering is there anyway a simple person like me could ever work in a movie with you I know this is a long shoot and I definitely don’t want to get blocked as a creepy stalker but I’m literally so amazed by the work you do I wish I could post my number here but I’d probably get a lot of weird stuff in my inbox or could you at least tell me how you got your big break bc I feel like if I work hard enough I could probably end up working with u I just gotta motivate myself and try and find a way to do it

      Thank you for taking your time to read this if u did -destiny ☺️

    • Jennifer I am from Louisville and was wondering if you would like to come home for derby 2020 and be our guest of honor for out 20th annual Hillbilly outfield party all proceeds go to Make a Wish. Your family was nice enough to let us have our check presentation party at their Camp Hi Ho a couple years ago. We are trying to make this year the best one ever. Check out our website at Hillbilly outfield. Com. Would love to have you come home and party with us Hillbilly style.

    • Hey Jennifer!!
      I’m a female teen (lots younger than u but don’t wanna put my age out there). I’m mainly a classic fan if you say that? but I’m low key inspired ash by you. One, Ik it’s acting but that hunger games ? make me wanna be hella brave. Two, even tho media gets you down I’ve seen videos, live broadcasts, like everything. And you are just being yourself! I wanna be like that so bad but there’s one person who I’m my true self around but maybe he thinks that my true self is weird and I can’t get past that disappointment. He knows I like him but he doesn’t say anything. You’ve been a teenager so ik u understand what’s going on here in some form. Please please help? I just rly want to talk bc ur literally my idol and ik u get that all the time but that’s just because of the type of person you are. And even tho I’m judging u in a good way ig, Ik I don’t have the right to assume what type of person you are. I just think it’d be awesome to have a response or sum lol. I’m not pressuring u but I just lysm. I think I did it right but if I did plz contact me❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
      Love from MN,
      An amazing fan,

    • Hi Jen-
      You are such a great actress! You don’t let people tell you how you have to be and that’s downright amazing! You are extremely talented, I want to be like you someday! I really like acting and you are my role model! Keep acting!

    • Hey Jennifer, I send you a fan mail and I was wondering if The Spotlight
      7 Leicester Place
      London, WC2H 7RJ
      is your real fan mail address because sometimes when I send fan mails to other celebrities, the letters that I wrote to them came back to my house.

    • Hello Jennifer,
      First of all, I just want to say you are a remarkable actress and I admire your work. I recently watched your movie, “Silver Linings Playbook” and I really liked your portrayal of someone suffering with mental illness. I understood how you coped with your symptoms, and I understood the shame and yet not knowing what to do about all of it, wanting love, but feeling the stigma. It really hit home. And I really like how you related to Bradley Cooper’s character, with him trying to cope with his own issues, his own stigma, his own insecurities. And how you two finally came together. It was a really nice movie and thank you for an honest portrayal.

      I have a website that I have been working on since 2015. It’s my baby. I call it Brite Haven; the address is It’s a mental health blogging site and we have a really nice forum (a high school counselor assisted with the topics for the forum and it’s very comprehensive and covers many topics). I tried to be as expansive as possible and explain as much as I could about the process of mental health treatment. The entire site is dedicated to explaining mental health treatment. In fact, we celebrate mental health treatment. We do not believe that mental health treatment should be forced but we do believe it helps and we encourage others to give treatment a fair chance. We also explain that, because treatment is based on the DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders), treatment is consistent throughout the world. I think it’s important for everyone around the world to understand that fact. It will help them to believe in treatment. And if someone believes in something, the results are usually better — self-fulfilling prophecy so-to-speak.

      I am reaching out to you because I was hoping you could help me sort of launch my website into the mainstream. I do not have access to funds to advertise in the way that I would like. And I was hoping that you might be able to help get the word out. I think if people joined Brite Haven, met other people who found success in mental health treatment, they might be less afraid of treatment, and give treatment a fair chance. I also think Brite Haven will help people to eliminate stigma, and that Brite Haven will help normalize therapy.

      It would mean so much to me if you could help me to get the word out. It would be my dream come true. So if this is something that you would be willing to do, please let me know. I am always available by email or cell phone and would be thrilled to hear from you or anyone who assists you if you need more information.

      I wish you good health and wellness and joy and happiness in all you do. Thank you for your time and consideration.

      • Chase here I can see Jennifer Lawrence spreading the word on the new “in” those housing swaps, vehicle swaps, wive swaps etc. Vastly expanded…to get people more engaged in their community…more to come my 195 page Pamphlet of the Revolution hand written for you

  2. Jennifer, First off I’m a dude.
    But you are the most True, Aggressive, Forward, Honest, Soft, Intelligent, Beautiful person I would ever like to meet.
    There’s just nothing like you.
    Women like you are rare.
    Please continue!!

  3. Hi Jennifer – I don’t usually comments on sites or write to actors. (well back in the day, yes as a teenager I did fawn over “tiger beat”; but by admitting that I am definitely aging myself); but I digress.

    The comment made by “Sanddab Z”, sans “I am a dude” echoes in my opinion of you. I just wish to all H^%)) that the media (any venue) would understand that you are an actor and your craft is what the general public is entitled to; not your personal life; not the ups and downs and certainly not the intimate details (not only are we NOT entitled to know who is you boyfriend (although that sounds trite); we are NOT entitled to your “non” acting lane.

    We all have jobs; no one really cares who I am seeing or broke up with or does my (purported) mother have a six toes. I truly feel terrible that you are always under a microscope just waiting for that little bugger of gossip to jump out versus the work you have done and that you are truly a gifted actor who is real; takes their craft seriously but can laugh at themselves … there is a silver lining (no pun intended) to everything, it just takes patience and a wee bit of privacy for it to all come together. Peach

    As an aside – I feel that way towards ALL celebrities and actors. The way the media “follows” You and your peers is called bullying and stalking in my non-acting work, One is good optics, the other is illegal, respectively.

    Happy Holidays with your family and friends. Peace and Prosperity in the New Year

  4. I read on a site where you had gone home and cried because a woman had said you were a great role model. I agree with her, and I especially agree with her after that terrible insult to your privacy. Your strength, grit, spunk, sassiness, your refusal to bury your head in the sand is the proof of your ‘great role model.’ I told my daughter terrible things happen to people, it is how you handle tragedy that defines you. Everyone can get on when the sun is shining, it takes a tough spirit to look adversity in the eye and metaphorically spit in their eye. Good for you girl, your strength, your courage is what defines you and makes you that great role model. I like your movies, but it’s your spunk and grit I like most.

  5. I personally think that Jennifer’s talent is one of the best out there. I myself am only a young teenager but she has inspired to start acting. My dream one day is to become like Jen, a humble, kind and funny role model. To meet Jennifer or even contact her via letter would be a dream come true. So what I want to know is this: is this address legitimate? If I send something, will it reach her? Just wondering!

  6. Hello ‘The Lawrence’,

    You are the Lawrence and I’m your #1 fan: basically no one important. But you are great at making nobodies still feel like somebody even though a nobody like me thinks you descended directly from heaven. What are you up to these days? I heard you are changing things up. Maybe taking some time to yourself? So are you going to find someone special and settle down? Like someone who identifies with your soul and actually is committed to you? Yep. Those ones are rare. Not sure if you care, but I wish you the greatest blessings! By the way, I’m not going anywhere any time soon. My feet are still healing. Ha ha! Hey, I’ve always believed in you. If this is weird I’m not sorry. Lets have an Excellant year, ok?

  7. Also,
    Does Jennifer ever see this page? It would seem rare for a well employed actress having time for this, but it should be said at least somewhere on line that seeing the violence done to her in the ‘Mother’ clips after finding what they did to her child was an awful thing to watch. Right now I’ve had not a whole lot else to do but to browse around about Jennifer as a fan of hers since I’m forced with down time. I mean she’s really moved me in difficult times through the roles she’s played. She puts her heart and soul into playing characters that reach me through their authenticity and genuine nature. But man, I never would like to see her hurt even if its only a film. Ummm… Your ok, right Jen? Ha ha! (Lets pretend she’ll actually see my remarks.)

      • ms.Jennifer Shrader Lawrence
        i have some problems in my life,
        i need your help
        please contact with me this email address
        and give me some help

        waiting for your answer

        thank you

      • my name is Amgalan and i have some problems in my life,
        i need your help
        please contact with me this email address
        and give me some help

        waiting for your answer

        thank you

        • Hey ms.jennifer I know that I am going of my pay grade but please contact me here’s my phone number +91 60066 37257
          I am from India
          Here’s my email

          Please contact me I am a big fan of yours . Do you play roblox?
          Love from India. I heard that your birthday is on 15 August mine is on 16 August .Do you know India’s independence day is also on 15 august please contact me on my email please!!!!!

      • Hey.
        I am summer. You don’t know me but don’t let the media get you down. I like how you are yourself and you don’t give a crap what anyone says. My 6 yr old sister looks up too. I’m glad she does. I would prefer you over any other actress. You actually eat and be yourself. Honestly I don’t trust media. They like to share crap. You are great at what you do. I wish there was more like you.

      • hi jennifer. i would like to say you are my idol. you are funny and sweet and one of the most amazing humuns sorry i spelled that wrong i suck at spelling. i know that there is a big grope of pepole that hate you, they suck they just think your fake and only do what you do for the camaras. you are so talented its unbeliveable. you make me smile when i feel sad i watch one of your interviews. if you noticed me i think i would faint. never change please. agian so sorry for my spelling i have thing wich makes it hard for me to wite and type and spell

  8. Jennifer iff u are reading this my name is Samuel and ive been a fan off you for a long time my sister read all the hunger games books and I was to scare to watch the movies but then I watched the first I was little scared but it was SO SO SO good so I watched every single movie and you are still my biggest fan!

  9. Hello Jennifer,
    Thanks for speaking out and acting against political corruption along with all the other humanitarian causes you support. I felt compelled to write you when I read about your endeavors to do something positive for democracy. I want to ask you to look at the calendar, as I feel it is the root of corruption and deception. Start if you wish, by considering that the months September, October, November & December etymologically mean Seven, Eight, Nine, and Ten, yet they are the ninth, tenth, eleventh, and twelfth months. I feel like this disorientation of meaning in time sets the stage for corruption in all forms, and until humanity changes it’s time-reckoning perspective to an educational one, it is set to repeat a naive history. This is not a joke, it is my opinion, and effort to share something that means very much to me. The solution in my mind is to change the calendar(which literally means debt-book) to an educational science of time using 13 months of 28 days to track the year cycles. Again, thank you for creating entertainment for the world, and for being one of the few who have a voice that uses it to do the world some good. Peace.

  10. Jennifer I just read that you dropped out of middle school. That does not surprise me because you think you are smarter than Donald Trump (Trump hater). You did not teach yourself after dropping out because you show uncommon ignorance. Some friendly advice; do not bash people a lot more educated and downright smarter than you, secondly just “act” as it is all you seem to do well, and lastly know that bashing the president will reduce your viewing audience in half leading to your unemployment ( if you were a college educated person would have known that).

  11. Jennifer,
    I just read your comments in the news regarding how it’s not wise for celebrities to talk about politics. I understand you are going to quit acting for a year to try and fix our Democracy. I am not Democrat, but Conservative and and a strong 2A supporter so we come from different views. Donald Trump is President and the world has not ended. We accepted Obama without a gripe or fight. The way the Left acted when Trump was elected is wrong. The way Hillary acted during the campaign was wrong. Now that Trump is President, I think a lot of conservatives are having some buyers remorse. I know I am, especially as a Veteran. I want to say Thank You for trying to fix these things and with you standing out like this, I’m sure more than 25% of America will go see your movies. I will for sure. If you ever need any help to make America better, I am always available. Thanks

  12. Based on your recent backpedaling on your political statements “so you can get more than the 25% of liberals” to come and see our movies, it’s apparent that you care less about standing your ground and more about money. No matter. I know at least two dozen people who remember your nasty political comments who will never watch one of your movies again. I am part of that club. Every decision has consequences. You are reaping yours. Nationwide. Worldwide.

  13. You understand why Trump won the election? “a big powerful man in a nice suit, pointing at you and going, ‘I’m going to make you rich.’ It’s so appealing,” she says. “

    Condescend much?? You don’t even have a GED.

  14. Jennifer, you are terrific. Enjoy your success. I think it is awesome what you are doing to fight corruption. Your beauty is on so many levels, but the best is the one where you don’t become part of Hollywood. You are unique. You are refreshing. You are a great actress, but you seem like an even better person.

  15. Hey Jennifer. I’m Andrew. I may not look like Larry David but I’m sure you’d enjoy ‘vacation you’ here in the Maldives! I’m sure we could find some rum too.

  16. Hello Jennifer. To you I may be just a random person in the world, and I am, but I wanted to talk… You are my biggest role model! I love the passion you put into your work. You have inspired me to become someone great… Someone like you. I’ve wanted to become an actor for the longest time, but try as I might I haven’t gotten my chance. For me failure isn’t an obstacle… is it something that I am ashamed of… No, because I have you to show me the way. I have struggles, like all of us… but you have to look to the people who inspire you for more strength. So, here I am seeking you out … I need more strength to carry on. I need you.

    I’m hoping you’ll contact me on the email I have provided and maybe this stranger could become a friend?… Maybe though, I don’t wanna push my luck! 😉

  17. Hey just saw your lie detector thing for Vanity Fair.

    I just want to say that that was the most deeply attractive thing I’ve ever seen an actress do [I’m just going to accept that there’s no way for me to say that without it being misinterpreted as creeping. Forgive me for that and I hope you get the idea I am trying to convey]. From our perspective, you’re an untouchable superstar, but there you were completely defenseless and getting grilled and just (as far as I could tell, anyway) telling the truth. It was powerful.

    Like, I’m sure, millions of other people who will watch that, it was hard for me to hear you say that you think everyone hates you. Frankly, I may have had a negative opinion of you based on some of the political things (I’m libertarian, though, not on the right) you’ve said, and a general cynicism toward celebrities in general. But this really showed you as an honestly thoughtful human being. It is remarkable that you’ve retained that despite the world you are living in. I don’t know who among us can claim we would have been able to do the same.

    I’m just some random person, but I want you to know that there is one person that lost a little cynicism about hollywood today.

    And if it turns out that the whole thing was staged, I still want to give you mad props because if that was fake it was *fantastic* acting and I’m not even a little bit mad.

  18. Not the biggest fan but I laugh a lot at your interviews.
    Have you been to Canada yet?. I’m willing to buy you a flight ticket and show you it’s not as good as they say. Maybe pet a moose or try burying your butt in snow?
    Yes, I’m asking you on a date. Might be a waste of time but I decided to give it a try.
    Get back to me, or maybe not.
    Ps.: Canada has good food, not just salmon. Know what a poutine is?

  19. I really enjoyed the “Jennifer Lawrence goes undercover” video. I’m never one to drool over movie stars. I could care less because you’re all just people too. But seeing the real you, responding to real people, put a warm smile on my face. Then again, was it the real you? You’re an actor… my brain… lol. If that was the real you though I’d take you out on a date any day. 😉

  20. Hi Jen, Is it true that you’re going to take a break from movies and target politics?
    If so, you are welcome to Sweden on a study visit to learn more about how unions change the policy here.
    My background in trade unions can help you understand a lot about how we think and how we influence governments.


  21. Hi Jennifer,
    I’m Sarah, I’m 17 years old from Ireland and a big fan.
    This year in particular has been a hard one, between family, school and ‘Friends’.
    I was diagnosed with dyslexia at a very young age.
    School for many can be intimidating or exciting but for me, its my biggest fear.
    Now that I’m being fored by my school to look at colleges and further education.
    I’m terrified because I’ve felt that for years (and still feel ) that collage might not be the place for me.
    Im not in anyway academic my exam results prove it.
    I seen your interview with 60 minutes where you say “I really struggled with math”.
    I have naver seen someone with your power talk about something like that, and i really just want to say thank you as its made me feel like I’m not alone.

    Thank you jennifer x

  22. Hi Jennifer, I love your movies and your interviews always crack me up. I saw a recent clip of an interview where the #me too movement was brought up. You commented on the 97% vs the 3% and it really put things into perspective for me. I’m in a current situation at my job where I’m quite confident I’m being sexually harassed. I don’t know what to do. It’s not as easy to get away from as people may think. No one in my close circle knows. I don’t know that this will even reach you but thought maybe you’d have some advice. Feeling very stuck.

  23. Ms Lawrence,
    50 years ago I was graduating from High School in a small Kentucky town. All 63 folding chairs were in rows of 12 and mine was almost in the center. As each name was called, the kids stood up and clattered in line as they moved down the rows of metal seats. Very unorganized. Then they called my name. I simply picked up the chairs in front of me, replacing them as I went and marched up to get my diploma. The principal said, “If we all can get around life’s challenges as easily as Don, I’m sure you’ll be successful!” Your ability to think “outside of the box” assures your success. Please, keep it up!

  24. You said you would dare a non celebrity. Would love to put that to the test. Lets go on a little date in a small area. Would love to meet you in person and know who you are. Im not star struck but attracted.

  25. You don’t know this Jennifer but we are gonna get married so if someone tries to go hug you next year at the oscars and gets tased marry him on the spot

  26. Jennifer!
    Yo, I read recently in the paper that you are single and want to date. I am also single, and also want to date. Let’s make this happen! Come to London and we shall dine on random cafe fare and sip coffees and laugh at people wandering by the windows. What a great day that would be huh? Haha get in touch if you fancy a chill with one of the most chill people ever (self-decreed).

    Sam x

  27. Idk if you’ll see this message or your social media team will but it was funny seeing that video of you answering people on quora, youtube and twitter hehe
    Liked that answer about how to date you haha. Maybe I should try my luck and ask you out on a date ? 😀

  28. hy Jennifer,
    your are a fantastic woman.
    when i see you in a lot of films…iam happy 🙂
    my favorate film is the tribute of panem.. you chance may life forever.
    i hope my next girlfriend looks like you ..and drink wine with me 🙂 english ist not so good.

    I wish you all the best for the future an dreaming of you.

    your venerable markus from Solms/Germany

  29. Hello Jennifer, you’re so beautiful and I have the hugest crush on you. I have a big big favor to ask. Would you go to prom with me? It’s my senior year and i want it to be awesome and what better way than to take J-Law to prom. Please consider it or just let me know if it is possible or anything would be much appreciated. This is why I chose you to be my date 1)You are freaking beautiful, 2)You are real as can be for a celebrity, I’ve seen almost all your interviews and 3) Surprisingly you’re still single. I’m not gonna lie though you were my second pick. Zendaya was number 1 for a while but you just shot up recently. Once again please consider!!!!

  30. Hello Ms Lawrence, my name is Mianna, I am young, I am an aspiring actress, and you’re a huge inspiration to me. I heard that you are in Louisville KY, so I would like to invite you to a hilarious original variety show called Grown-up Fairytales Shaken not Stirred. Opening night is Thursday the 23rd of March, then Friday, Saturday, but not Easter Sunday,then the following Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. We would be honored to have you. I hope you come.

  31. I forgot, it is at the Bardstown, and it starts at 7:30 every night except for the Sunday night show, that starts at 5:30. I hope this is you and not a robot.

  32. Hi I need help with a veteran from Kentucky just wondering if you could help obviously I have proof that he is a veteran who risked his life for his country I don’t know where else to turn to. Sorry if this is bad of me

  33. I’m no Aronofsky, but can we fuck? I’m pretty fucking hot. This is crazy but fuck it, sometimes you just gotta go for it..I’m pretty awesome in the sac and I’m not referring to my balls..xoxo

  34. Red Sparrow was the most bigoted western propaganda film I have seen recently. Shame on you, I thought you were championing anti discrimination but that must only be when it concerns the sexes not races. I had to stop half way through explaining to my friend it isn’t really like that in Russia. That storyline may have got away with it if it was set in the old days. This is just more Russophobia coming out of the US and it is unwarranted and disgusting. Try and chose your roles more carefully please.

  35. Hi Dear JENNIFER LAWRENCE i know when something big happens in our life would change everything . since i saw you in one my favorite movie , i feel important part of me exciting and i don,t know how share these feeling about you, you are not only have beautiful face you have strong and very amazing , novel heart and these parts say you must effort these feeling to her . sorry for my bad English language i live in iran .
    if not impolite can i have your mail, i know maybe is impolite but i want to say something that cant write here thanks for reading this.
    and i hope answer my comment with the best wishes for you and your feather

  36. Hello Ms Lawrence, I just went to the theatre to view the movie Red Sparrow and it was a devastating experience. We need more of these kind of movies. Thank you for your wonderful performance and the courage this took to portray your character. The story reminded me of a French comic (or graphic novel preferably) I’ve read years ago, called ‘Bouche de Diable’ or in English translation “Billy Budd, KGB” by Charyn & Boucq. It has the same intensity and realism to it.

  37. Hey Jenn, you said yourself just to ask you for a date so here i am. I have a cousin in hollywood i guess i could ask him to put in a good word for me to you (brett dalton). i am looking for a partner in life that we can share experiences together and travel down this journey together. I would like to get to know you more.


  38. Coffee date? I’d love to take you out and get to know you. If you’re extremely lucky I MIGHT show you pictures of my dog.

  39. Dear Jennifer! I’m not sure if you will read it or not, but I just want to say that “Red Sparrow” was very insulting and disappointing for me. I have always respected you, but this film is just a bunch of stereotypes and prejudices about Russia. Сonsidering all of us as mean people riding bears and drinking vodka with shout “for the motherland! — is the same thing as sexism, homophobia, anti-Semitism, and so on. It’s no better.

  40. Jennifer, I sent you a date request on Quora but it was deleted. Do you want to go on a date with me? send me an email 🙂

  41. Hello Jennifer i m vito from italy.
    I just saw a movie of you with the truth machine… it was a bit strange.. i think you really were saying the truth… but there is a specific answer that make me fall in love with you.. never put pineapple on the pizza.. NEVER !!! ???

    All the best, keep going ?

  42. Hey, I just saw a snap story called “actuallyme” and someone asked “how do i get a date with Jennifer Lawrence?” To which you replied “all you have to do is ask, I havent been touched by a man in a very long time” lol so heres me shooting my shot

  43. Jennifer,
    You are such an amazing actress, you stay to you true self and colors. I have a strong little dream to have one of my main two hand made screen-plays to become something and it’s harder because I want to be a charter in my scripts. One day maybe you and I could look into what I have and make it into something, I know it will be amazing because you would be apart of it. If I ever lift off and opened my shell, I hope to walk into your footprints.

  44. You are a donkey. Keep your socialist nat zi views out of the great state of Michigan…this is not one of the quack coasts your accustom to frequenting or residing. You aren’t from here nor do you reside here keep your demonic opinions out of our state. Is your career sunsetting? You really needed a paycheck from that low budget commercial instructing us “ignareeeeeent” Michigan folk how to vote? Stay on the coasts donkey and stay the fukc out of Michigan dou che

  45. Hello ,
    You have been a huge inspiration to me with you consistency , hardwork , focus . I would like to get in touch with you . You are simply the best of the best.

    Will be waiting for a mesaage or something so that we can have a good conversation.

    With Love.

  46. Hey Jen,

    this is very spontaneous, though my friend is just going to Join me partying if you’d come…
    I’m from Germany, Osnabrück and the Party is going to Happen in the “Kleine Freiheit, Osnabrück” right now. I’d really appreciate you coming.

    Sincereley, Patrick

  47. Dear Jennifer,

    Did not know how else to contact you so I am writing here.
    My name is Egle, I am an architect from Lithuania and I have an interesting offer to make in which you could contribute. I recently watched one interview where you talked about 3d printing and you were amazed by its capabilities. Well in my master’s dissertation i researched 3d printing technology quite a lot and it seems it is very promising for the future as it can be used not for small objects but also in housing as well, moreover its much more ecological and environmentally friendly way to produce housing than traditional construction methods. Although, further development is needed which requires some investment but its not rocket science. I see 3d printing from architects perspective as revolutionary construction technique which could help for people in need, reduce construction costs and it would be amazing just to see what kind of different architecture it could offer (3d printing has much less limits and each house could be customised for example)!
    I just got this idea and thought it could be amazing if we could collaborate towards this idea, and in some way change the world to better.
    If you would like to hear more, write me and we can discuss it

    Kind regards,

  48. Hello Jenn,
    I’ve been looking for a way just to tell you that I’m your new biggest most enormous fan lol.
    I’m from lebanon, middle east and i have actually watched a bunch of your movies just didn’t know it was you. something like that hehe.
    anyway based on these videos on youtube, i fell in love with your personality which made me fall in love with you. like to my core <3
    i wish you have an insta page or anything, you dont have the time to check them anyway lol.
    so i'll end this up before i start babbling lol.
    adore you <3

    Kay A. Assaf

  49. Hi, im not a fan, ive never seen your movies but internet says you are funny and i agree. I invite you in Macdonald restaurant ill give you a bouquet of french fries and a box of nuggets. Meet me in Paris. We will talk about our ugly toes.
    Mr Le Normand Alexandre from france

  50. Hey Jen,
    My Name is Robin 🙂

    I‘ve seen you now in a lot of interviews and videos.
    (Obviously I’ve also seen your movies). That might not be a special thing, I know. But as much as i can tell I’ve never seen someone so real and relatable like you are. You’re absolutely funny, extremely charming and just adorable, I love your character! Sometimes I try to think how you might feel like in your situation with a lot of rumors surrounding you and the fame and a lot of things the media says. I personally don’t care about fame, for me it’s all about the personality, the character and the humanity and obviously the relation between two human beings.
    I think throughout the videos and interviews I’ve seen I can tell your are definitely yourself. I really enjoy that and it’s so rare to see that.
    Obviously you don’t know me and also I don’t want to be intrusive but I just wanna let you know what i think!
    You seem like a gorgeous person to me who looks for a man that supports her no matter what, who is funny, intelligent and charming and enjoys the same things in free time.

    All you need to know about me is: i love having a good conversation, it doesn’t matter if serious or fun, I love to just chill out and watch some reality TV, movies or series, having some good wine or cocktails. Also I enjoy playing and watching a lot of sports, I like activities as much as I like chilling out.

    I would be super happy if I’d get a serious response from you.

    Kind regards

  51. One of (if not) the most beautiful women alive, AND funny and charming, along with being incredibly talented. 25 from Michigan, would love to take you out anywhere, just to chat and pick your brain. Love your work and would be absolutely enthralled to see you, let alone buy you dinner if you’re ever in the area. This is a long shot but why not!! I’ll take the chance 🙂

  52. Hello Ms. Lawrence,
    My name is Brendan Way and I am an American living in Germany at the moment. I have lived here for 10 years after moving here in 2008 because my parents wanted to be missionaries. To get the cheesy stuff said and done: I have been a fan since The Hunger Games and since seeing interviews you periodically do. You seem very down to earth and enjoy good humor as well as good company. I know this must sound unbelievable but the following offer implies only what it says plainly: if you are ever in Koblenz, Germany and were in the mood for a cup of coffee or a beer or a currywurst with fries, I would love to invite you to some such activity.
    Best regards,
    Brendan Way

  53. Hi Jennifer,

    This may be a bit odd as this is a fan page: I’m looking to go into narrating books, and I just finished watching your movie ‘Passengers’ and thoughts your voice was phenomenal – was wondering if you might have any pointers?


  54. Buenos días. Quería contactar a Jennifer para pedirle ayuda para terminar de arreglar mí casa. No me falta mucho. Y tampoco quiero que me regale el dinero. Quiero ir devolviendolo de a poco. O si no lo quiere de nuevo hacer donaciones en su nombre hasta poder compensar lo prestado.

  55. I am your great fan stationed in India. I am a senior citizen and lives in Assam State in India. My only wish is to meet you once but it is my ill luck that on account of several constraints I am not in a position to meet you from such a distant place. Anyway I believe that man proposes god disposes. Kindly give a reply to my mail and perhaps that will to a certain extent fulfill my desire.

    May god bless you and I wish your more prosperous and bright future.

  56. Hey Jenn, I just read an article on the set of Hunger games you partially lost your hearing in an underwater scene for months . I recently had labyrinthitis for two weeks where I couldn’t pop my ear and the vertigo and trauma still messes with me today. Hospital gave me a an antihistamine but that didn’t work it wasn’t till I found a totally random device at rite aid called a eustachi that blew air up my nose and popped it. My question was how did you cope with that? I had trouble sleeping for days at a time. Always admire someone for doing water stunts that’s the toughest thing for me to deal with. All my best, Rob

  57. Dear miss Larence,… Hey Jen,… (couldn’t decide for one 🙂 )

    about an hour ago i read about the trouble with Your brides maids. Having been to weddings on different occasions, i don’t see the fuss. In my opinion you should kick them out of there position (except for the non celebrity girl perhaps). It seems they’re more concerned with the presentation of themselves. The best wedding i know of i did not attend. My best friend and his bride decided to have their wedding without anyone but themselves. For fairness’ sake, they made a “party” about six months later to calm family and friends down, but still in their liking. A wedding should really be only about and for the bride and the groom and not for anyone else to profile themselves.
    And no, there was no bachelor farewell and, as far as i know, neither a bachelorette party. Does one need such stereotypic things as a bachelorette party to have a great time together and to feel the comfort of one another? Best friends are the ones you can remain silent with, when you have nothing to talk and you still enjoy each others presence. Don’t let these divas destroy what the both of You want.

    I do wish You all the best and look forward to see new great movies with You.
    Sincerly Martin E.

  58. Hi Jennifer

    Obviously i m a huge fan of your movies, but a reason for this message might not be fan based. I m writing to get a job, to work for you or your crew. I think i dont need to mention this would be a dream for me and i know you have the power to make it happen. If you read this please accept my best regards and best of luck! Bojan

  59. My name is Matthew Morrison I’m 16 years old I’m from Texas and i have my senior prom in 2021 and I’m starting now to ask so that I can use these two years to try and contact you, just talking to you would make my life lol, but it would be pretty cool if you went to prom with me I’ve saved and and made enough money to fly you first class from as far as New York to Houston, even though you probably have like your own private jet and what have you , but anyways ik you’ll never read this and neither will your agent but it’d be the next best thing since sliced bread if it actually happened and I hope I’m not just another 80 sum odd comment from a creepy thirty year old sitting in their bed alone at 2 in the morning trying to see your nudes or something, sorry for the spam and keep being awesome you make alot of people (including me) very happy by just putting your self out there and being who you are.

  60. Matthew again my insta is @morrison.fw.tx18 just so you know I’m not fake and my new one since I forgot my password is @morrison.matthew18

  61. omg jennifer im your biggest fan ever i love the hunger games and the books i hope one day i can meet you that is my biggest wish

  62. Hi Jennifer, my name is BillieJean Spaeth. I am turning 14 next month. I love your work but I especially love it in The Hunger Games. My dream is to meet you and Josh in person for my birthday. I have been dreaming about meeting you for years and so has my older sister. We absolutely love you. If you read this can u plz contact me on Facebook. I would love to talk to you.

  63. Could you get me a US citizenship so I can vote for you once you set up for presidential election?

    Oh and, I just Saw Red Sparrow ….
    You punch like a girl.

  64. Good Morning

    With the present, I would like to present my situation I am a single mother of a 16 years old girl who studies in a private school in order to prepare a productive person in the future. She is a good student who is currently studying the technological baccalaureate in mechatronics, which implies exes and transportation part to safeguarding its integrity as a woman and for the entry schedule that greatly detracts my salary, I currently live in Mexico City in a department located in Estrella 124 neighborhood, good view that is owned by my mother, a person of 80 years who requires medication, attention and company so I can not get away from the area, however it is extremely conflictive next door marijuana openly inhabit a land that I agree is invaded by them.

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    Marcela de Lourdes Torres Garcia

  65. Hi. I like you like crazy. If interested in tea and talk intelligent conversations get back. Wonder what it means to know someone so famous and accomplished like you. Tc.

  66. Hi. I’m reaching out to all people who have visited Great Guana Cay. I am asking you to go again…see the damage & help rebuild a community you enjoyed vacationing at. I’m am asking on behalf of the Settlement ppl. Not Baker’s Bay where you go. They can afford to fix their issues. It’s the locals..the Islanders themselves. Nippers is gone. Kidd’s Cove…Grabbers…all their homes & businesses are destroyed. 100 building roughly damaged or destroyed. Please…get together with others & help fix Great Guana Cay. The gov’t is not helping them. They are focused on Marsh Harbor…Freeport land. The little islands are powerless…waterless…foodless & homeless. Please help save Guana…I have loved ones there…good friends & a lot!
    God Bless

  67. I can’t tell you how SIMILAR you are to me aha. It’s actually mental. Your the most genuine, and honest person I have seen – and it’s about time I surround myself with people who deserve my time – and not those who are going to waste it – like TW**S. You remind me a lot like me – which is why I feel I know so well. Of course I don’t, but you know that feeling you get about someone but you can’t put your finger on what that feeling is – this is it? aha.
    If you need anything, holla me up. I wanna be there for you, and hopefully, someone you’ll learn to trust. I would actually FRICKIN LOVE to get to know you as a person, and get to know what other things we could have in common aha. The similarity we have is one of the main reasons I wanna get to know you, and, the fact that your my type of ‘G’ I associate myself with aha. And no, it’s NOT because your well known, it’s genuinely for the person you are, and I hope you’ll see that come across in this message.
    Also, partying with you would be so LIT – let’s get drunk. I’m down. Anyway, I’m gonna stop typing before I hurt my brain on what to say next – I wish you all the best, and hope someday we can have a genuine, and wonderful friendship, and you’ll learn to trust me and believe that I see you as more than “just a celebrity“. Oh, and please remember, I will always have your back – holla me up if you need anything.

    Best wishes,
    Olivia (20)

  68. I wonder whether Jennifer has close resemblance to my girlfriend I could wish to see you Jenny you must be my gf’s sister ?????

  69. Hi!

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  70. Hey Levi it’s me evol , sorry got late . I got ur msg , sorry Couldn’t reach u .
    I can’t take any more rights .
    But it’s too late.
    Blk °s nt ext .
    Hope u have a good life ahead .

  71. Hi! I just want to tell you that I respect you SO MUCHO. I live in Barreiro, a small city in Portugal, if you ever – EVER, it doens’t matter if is 47years from now, want to come and visit this small town and act like no one knows you, and just be, well, yourself, I will welcome you 🙂 I will act normal and not be hysterical, I promise. Just a regular day in a regular city, with regular people. Bring anyone u want.
    Lol this is never going to happen, but at least maybe your heart will feel some joy from this letter. It’s honest.

  72. Hello Jennifer. My name is Nadia, I am writing from Australia. My 12 year old daughter is crazy about your filmography and Hunger Games especially. She watched it so many times, read the books about 10 times. She is your biggest fan! I know you have many fans, but Alex is absolutely obsessed with your movies. I was wondering if it’s possible to get your autograph for her 13th birthday. It would be the best present she could think of! If I can pay for it, I am happy to do it. For me it is just a gesture, as you are her role model. I know you must be getting thousands messages like this, but Alex absolutely loves your roles. It only takes a minute to send a message to someone who looks up to you. Alex’s Instagram account is alexlannon0805

  73. Hello how’s it going my name is Raul velasco from Oregon I’m 36 yrs old and am the number one secret admirer of Jennifer’s I’m so in love with you you are the most gorgeous Queen in the whole history of the planet that’s been or ever will be I love everything about you I wanted to ask you if we’ve met and have we talked before because theres a couple accounts with your name on Instagram and they say they are you so I thought I was talking to you the whole time we were or are dating and getting married August I would love to actually talk to you take you out on a date and show you what real love is and us be together and Marry I really thought it was you I was talking to you got Instagram how can we talk and keep in touch don’t worry I’m normal not a stalker creep you are just amazing incredible beauty hopefully you give me a chance to talk

  74. Hi, I love how you are strong and brave in the Hunger Games along with Josh Hutcherson. You two made a great love story and I also love that you didn’t kill President Snow. He wasn’t the one that killed Prim. It took me a while to find that out. I love watching your movies and I hope I can meet you someday because you are my idol. You are strong in the Games. I hope I can see you in person and meet you.

  75. Hello Jennifer Lawrence !!!
    I am Zélie, I’m 13 years olds and I’m deaf. I have watched Hunger Games after reading the books and I loooooooooooooove your character. Were you in love with Josh Hutcherson ?
    I’m french,so I’m sorry if I make mistakes…

  76. To Jennifer Lawrence
    Um, so, hi? I doubt you’ll ever actually read this but if you do then I just wanted to say that you’re a really amazing person and your quotes are really inspiring and I love them! You are definitely my role model. And today’s the fifteenth of August so happy birthday!
    Again, I doubt you’ll read this and even if you do and don’t reply, then thank you for reading it anyway. Um, bye? Have an awesome day xx

  77. Hi jen-
    So imma teenage girl and I absolutely love you! Your my idol and your so beautiful and so amazing at everything you do! I know you probably won’t see this but it would mean the world if your read this! My favorite movies of yours are The Hunger Games and X-Men. Your so good at acting and everything else! I want to be just like you when I’m older! You have inspired me in so many ways and I’m really grateful. Watching you has helped through some really hard times. Last year my mom had cancer and I was very scared and anxious. I prayed and asked god that if it was his will for her to pass then he should take her now because I didn’t want to have to go through that again. My mom made it through and I was so thankful. My family means the world to Me. My dads kind of distant but I love him. I don’t know what I would do with out them. Anyway when my mom had cancer I would watch some of your movies and they would help me be happy and pull myself together. Your are my idol and the person I have always looked up to. Ilysm ❤️❤️❤️❤️.
    You can contact me at this email:
    Or this number:
    Love from Alabama
    (12) ?❤️?

  78. Dear Jennifer, I love the hunger games movies and am now obsessed with it, I have watched so many interviews on you and am really hoping you reply, it would be a dream come true. You have inspired me to keep trying no matter how hard it gets, you have taught me so many lessons. I hope to talk to you and perhaps do a video call with you. You are the one I look up to and I hope to follow in your footsteps. By the way, this isn’t very important but I’m currently 11 and am turning 12 on May 29. I hope you have a good day.

  79. Hello Ms Jennifer I am Affan from India iam a big fan of yours from 2015 iam 12 years old here’s my phone number +91 60066 37257 . Iam giving it because I couldn’t get yours . You are the best actress

  80. I just watched every movie of yours they are very good because of your acting the best was “passengers”
    Love from India please contact me or send your phone number ???

  81. I could be your bodyguard
    I am coming in new york after 8 years , that’s so long even I can’t wait to just see your face live
    Regards Affan

  82. Of you see my message it would mean the world to me . I am your biggest fan probably the youngest ,??. First of all you are very good at acting .You just be yourself all the time. But please if you have free time email me on
    I am coming in America after 8 years to get into an college and then be a civil engineer , I can build a house for you (quoted from passengers) anyways iam 12 years old so after 8 years I’ll be 20 if you see this please tell me where you will be after 8 years

  83. Hey Ms Jen I watched your video Jennifer Lawrence going undercover I laughed all the time because you are very funny I also watched ‘name 5 Jennifer Lawrence movies’ I have some movies x-men , passengers , hunger games , American hustle , winter’s bone in that video you said to an old woman who didn’t know you
    ‘who knows that bitch’ I laughed almost half an hour you are very funny , it would mean a lot to me if you just whatsapp me hi on this phone number +91 60066 37257 it is an Indian phone number we can chat when you are free , if you are going on a vacay then please come to India in the Union territory Jammu and Kashmir I live there . In my previous messages I have talked a lot about coming to USA I’ll show my mother to you she will love you please seee this message

  84. Hey! It’s Affan again , today’s Christmas so happy Christmas it’s 1 pm in India so in America it’s 11:28 in America so please reply

  85. Hey Ms. Jen I am Affan , a big fan of yours
    Your birthday is on 15 August mine is on 16 August I love your acting in the movie passengers and x men please contact me on this email please I have to ask you something I am a kid so o don’t have the international call for phone here is my email
    Phone number +91 60066 37257
    Please contact me please please please
    Se my other messages you will find out that I am your biggest fan please can I get your email here is a song dedicated to you
    Just search rather be on Google by Marc Scibilia please contact me it would mean the world to me , the phone number is Indian so make sure you have international call recharge

  86. Ciao Miss Lawrance, I am not a fan but just someone that has a really weird but real request. Don’t worry I don’t need any help, money or such things. So you can continue reading the message..
    I have a 2 years old cat (ragdoll) called Romeo and trust me the name really fits him, it’s a kind of CASANOVA cat. I believe it’s one of the most beautiful cat I have ever seen.
    I believe Romeo deserves more than just lay the entire day in my cough or destroying my furnitures, looks like a Game of Thrones cat. I have tried to contact HBO last year asking if they would like to have it for some film appearance (pointing out that I don’t want any money for that, It’s more because Romeo deserves it). You can already imagine the answer from HBO… I was really honest and i was expecting at least a laugh but … Anyway, if you may need of a cat (White Walker eyes) in any of your next movies, keep in mind that Romeo is available.
    I am contacting you because I have searched in Google for “actors cat lovers” and you are in the top ten list with Miss Cameron Diaz, Leonardo di Caprio and others.

    Wish you (and all people reading this message) a happy new year.


  87. dear Jennifer,
    I love your personallity, and how you aren’t afraid to be yourself. I also LOVE the Hunger Games in which you played. I’ve watched many interviews for many of your different movies you have played in. I’ve always dreamed about being an actor, and I’ve participated in school plays and gotten compliments, but I have no idea if I am actually any good at acting… I have always wanted to act in a movie, but never sure if I should follow my heart or just stay put where I am. I’m just a teen, so my parents would most likely shoot down any suggestion I make, being as far fetched as it is. And I know there are many more people who are much more taletned than me, but I also know, every actor had to start some time or later. Do you have any advice for me? How did you decide acting was what you wanted to do?
    sincerly, Morgan

  88. Hi Jennifer,
    I love your personality, you’re funny, kind, loving. You are what I wish every one was like. I’ve always wanted to act in a movie, although I have little to none experience. the odd school play here or there. It has always been something that I wish I could do. Unfortunatelt, I don’t think my parents would be too keen on it. (after all, I’m in my first year of high school) I also know, that better and more experienced actors will most likely get roles, but I also know that every actor has to start somewhere… I was wondering if you had some advice for me?

  89. I’m not an actual “fan” of anybody, and I’m not trying anything special.
    I’m from Serbia, happily married and a father of two, just occasionally checking YouTube in my spare time.
    That was how I got to Graham Norton show with Jennifer and so I remembered all the times when I thought to myself how gorgeous she is.
    So, I would kindly ask you (if it’s possible) to tell Jennifer that I consider her for the most beautiful actress on the planet.
    Thank you,


  90. In the most important and special day of the year “International Women’s Day” I want to ask “half” of the population, this bad one I am shame to be part of, for reflection.

    In God’s eyes we are all equal. Does not matter our religion, gender, skin color, sexual orientation etc. It is even hard to imagine that women rights are broken. We need to remember that only the woman can give a life and this is the only reason we exist, it is ultimate goal to sustain the species.

    I would like to wish you all that you will be always treated with respect, dignity, kindness, generally special. In time with proper man you have opportunity to create happy and loving family. Over time you will be a mom and be present during all important events of your child/s life.

    Taking responsibility for my part of population I would like to apologize for everything bad/ inappropriate that happen to you in the past. You all should stay strong, keep balance between work and private life, always be safe and happy.

  91. Hi Jen,
    I just wanted to say thx for being a big inspiration to young people like me. The hunger games is such a powerful meaningful story which can inspire people to be brave and grateful for what they have. I also love the character you play in joy it is such a great movie, I could really go on longer about passengers and lots of the many movies you have starred in. I can’t wait for your next movie! Even when you are not playing a character you such a fun, loving and hilarious person I would really love to meet you!?
    Thank you,

  92. Hey Jennifer, big fan. My name is Derreck and I’m about to turn 21 soon, I’ve been working on making music for a while, but I’m not sure how to get it seen. How did you come to your fame? I live in Kentucky and have seen you were raised here. I’m just looking for advise. You being from Kentucky and making it huge to become arguably the best actress in the world is something to aspire to be. If you have any time, could you possibly give me some advice? My number is 859-354-9566. Hunger games was amazing btw ?

  93. Dear Sirs,

    I have been a fan of Ms Lawrence for sometimes now and I have some concerns as I have been receiving many messages from Instagram accounts on her name asking for money for charity and some cases they have took my contact numbers and start asking me to fund her charity organisation through what’s up account . The numbers were registered in United States to makes people believe it is/ and it was Ms Lawrence. An example website was:, some cases have been judged.

    I presume someone is using her instagram accounts to conduct fraud to some of her loyal fans, someone have to investigate this situation and stop this or her name on instagram will be shamed by those who conducting these activities.

    I really hope, someone reads this message and take necessary processions.

    Many thanks.


    Yours Sincerely
    Mr Thevakumar Velummylum ( Dev )

  94. Hi!

    From France, all my apologies, but can someone tell her that a very gross man named Bigard have printed the leak of her *pictures* in his magazine without her consent? He spend his time making sexist jokes and laugh abt r*pe and stuff. I just wanted to warn her even tho I’m not sure she will read my message. I hope someone of her crew tho will burn this sh*t to the ground, this man should not be allowed to walk free at all. I’m so very sorry. Please take good care Mrs Lawrence. You’re a wonderful person and an inspiration to people.

  95. Dear Jennifer Lawrence and Silver Linings Playbook Cast,
    For Movie People

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    Other facts about me: I have Jesus Christ DNA. I’m a Firefighter, a Playwright, a Snowboard Patroller. Planet Centurion is my planet. I have interplanetary ranks which Connectors told me. I am The Delegator of The Universe. I am God 11 “G”. There’s 11 Universes that have been discovered that have human life. I am full human but I kinda have a planet Centurion it is because I have Family there. I am GodGodGod the “G”. I am also Highest of High. I am “The Commissioner of The Enterprise”. I am a God of Everything. I am Main God. I am a King Of The Universe. I speak with Connectors daily almost. They told me my interplanetary ranks. I don’t necessarily think I’m a God they are just interplanetary ranks.

    So I’m living at a homeless shelter because I’m around lots of people at the moment, I was illegally evicted, I am a disabled homeless firefighter and some people want me dead for money but I’m safe at the moment. Promise you that. They have hurt my family though. Quadrillions were stolen from my Bank account so it was drained and I’m broke.
    So Associates and Possible Investors, if you can lend me like a few k- a few million or more so I can get a team of lawyers to sue Google, Apple, Bitcoin, Microsoft, Nokia, and others for endless amounts or to just settle. I don’t want to sue but almost all these companies make money off of my inventions. So Investing in me is investing In yourself. It’ll take a few weeks to get paid but if I have you and your power with you behind me we will be unstoppable. I’ll make you the wealthiest company ever by far. By far. You have no clue how wealthy everyone that works there and their family members will become the wealthiest people in the history of the universe. By far, just by owning 1-5% of my inventions will make you a Quadrillionaire in Bitcoin since my light speed spacesuits are sold throughout the Universe and my energy companies are intergalactic companies through Area 51 like Blender Energy and Ettaquit Energy. It will be the best investment your company has ever made. So my inventions are so unique and I like to think of them as a Monet and people keep stealing them but nobody’s doing it my way exactly because I’m into design as well so it’s like someone stealing Monet’s idea for a painting and then painting that on his own but he’ll never actually paint what Monet is thinking. People steal my inventions but they waist so much money doing it the wrong way it’s ridiculous. Anyways, I’m just proving a point…
    Also, I have clones that show up to businesses I talk to and they find women I like to hook up with them to piss me off so I apologize for these clones that pretend to be me. So if you meet me make sure he has two tattoos, a wave on my left forearm and a Hagakure symbol on my upper back. Also, I’ll leave my pics at the end so you know what i look like.
    So this might sound crazy but I exist in multiple dimensions and I have antimatter in my body so it’s impossible for me to be picked up by a UFO. Clones tell people that they got picked up by a UFO and they ask for money. I don’t know these clones and they are not connected to me. It sounds like a horror film. It is. Also, CIA agents filmed disgusting videos with clones of me to trick everyone. I just want to ensure everyone these videos aren’t me. I don’t want to talk about this but I have to because these CIA girls and Interpol girls that are Fake Interpol are passing out these videos that they made and forced clones of me to do weird sex shit I don’t even want to say it’s so disgusting. That’s not me I promise. I’ve never filmed any disgusting sex videos. FBI will vouch for me that they’re not video’s of me. They are of clones of me or look alikes. Good CIA and FBI both told me that I was cloned by this family that hates me and they order around these clones of me and force them to do weird shit. Unbelievable right? Please believe me.

    Here’s my bank information at the bottom if you’d like to invest, it’ll be the best investment ever I promise. You can lend or give me money either or you’ll make back your money in a week or so and you’ll get back 10-1,000,000 times or more what you invest. Not a joke at all. Honestly I’m so desperate for cash right now whoever lends me cash will get .01-70% of my inventions and companies depending on how much you invest and what kind of job I’ll be offered as an Inventor or a Theorist. This is not a scam at all I will sign any contract and I’ll be interrogated by anyone to clear my name and the image that the CIA is trying to give me. I will take a lie detector test on National Television to clear this disgusting image the CIA has created with videos they made of clones of me. Sorry to have to bring up these videos in this message but I want to clear my name. I know it’s something strange to bring up but these CIA Agent’s have ruined my life and are trying to ruin my image too but I’ll be interrogated by anyone. Seriously. Whenever.

    I am a Firefighter. Call El Paso Fire Department. I am National Ski Patrol. Call Ski Apache. I am a Playwright. I am Leader of The Free Army, The Universal Army, and I created The Queens Army too. I am a Leader of that too. I am a Gentleman and I’d die everyday saving people from evil. I am the one who rescued hundreds of women and kids from being held captive in caves in Langley caves. I called Air Force and wrote FBI and they both helped me to find the caves oustside of Langley. They call me the Langley Savior. So i will risk a lot to save lives.

    Signed: Joshua Martin Dominguez
    My bank information is coming up…cont

    Here’s my bank information:
    CashApp: $TheKn1ght22 or $TheCrystalInventor
    Chase Bank:
    Zelle: Joshuadisco77
    Account Number: 603013068
    Routing number: 322271627
    Wire Routing: 021000021
    Email me back at or I am ettaquit_energy on Instagram or on Facebook as TheCrystal Inventor, two words.
    Thanks for your time Jennifer Lawrence Investors and Associates!!

    Sent from my iPhone

  96. Hello Jennifer,
    Just wanted to say that i think you are a beautiful person and very good looking too-and you have brains also-you lucky, lucky star…Kind regards. Neven from Isny im Allgäu, Germany. Come to visit me ?…

  97. Hello Jennifer,
    Just wanted to say that i think you are a beautiful person and very good looking too-and you have brains also-you lucky, lucky star…Kind regards. Neven from Isny im Allgäu, Germany. Come to visit me in Germany ?…

  98. Hi Jennifer,

    I haven’t seen much of your movies but recently I have seen some of your clips on you tube and you seem be the most genuine and straightforward person in your industry who loves to help in desperate need. You are an influencer and can bring change through ur presence. If you are willing to help ppl who are desperate to make ends meet. Plz reply me back on my email id.
    Thanks for reading

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