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  • Donald Lebert

    Dear Jennifer I have Loved your acting since I first seen Winter’s Bone, then went back and watched The Burning Plain. Seriously though these Hunger Games movies are bunk, I have seen three movies that were the SAME EXACT MOVIE!!! I Refuse to go to the last one and will not watch it 10 years from now when it comes out on public tv. So Please go back to Choosing Wisely when it comes to parts. Just my opinion.

    Donald H Lebert

  • Sanddab Z

    Jennifer, First off I’m a dude.
    But you are the most True, Aggressive, Forward, Honest, Soft, Intelligent, Beautiful person I would ever like to meet.
    There’s just nothing like you.
    Women like you are rare.
    Please continue!!

  • Peach

    Hi Jennifer – I don’t usually comments on sites or write to actors. (well back in the day, yes as a teenager I did fawn over “tiger beat”; but by admitting that I am definitely aging myself); but I digress.

    The comment made by “Sanddab Z”, sans “I am a dude” echoes in my opinion of you. I just wish to all H^%)) that the media (any venue) would understand that you are an actor and your craft is what the general public is entitled to; not your personal life; not the ups and downs and certainly not the intimate details (not only are we NOT entitled to know who is you boyfriend (although that sounds trite); we are NOT entitled to your “non” acting lane.

    We all have jobs; no one really cares who I am seeing or broke up with or does my (purported) mother have a six toes. I truly feel terrible that you are always under a microscope just waiting for that little bugger of gossip to jump out versus the work you have done and that you are truly a gifted actor who is real; takes their craft seriously but can laugh at themselves … there is a silver lining (no pun intended) to everything, it just takes patience and a wee bit of privacy for it to all come together. Peach

    As an aside – I feel that way towards ALL celebrities and actors. The way the media “follows” You and your peers is called bullying and stalking in my non-acting work, One is good optics, the other is illegal, respectively.

    Happy Holidays with your family and friends. Peace and Prosperity in the New Year