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  1. I am so happy to see a woman like you really exist. People may love you for you good looking, money etc. But when i look at you, i see a wonderful human being. I mean you are like friend, a friend who always help others even if she is so hurt inside. Those wicked wicked eyes, that girly girly laugh, that no sense of formality, and that sense of joyfulness, that shape of beauty, and that soul of entertainment, that imaginations of an inspector to get the suspect with love and smile!
    For you, i may seem an emotional guy who has just crossed his puberty age and talking while drinking but no,..
    I am well aware of my senses and responsibilities and the surrounding around me. Though people may criticize me for choosing a woman like you, because i am not a celebrity of a class, but i find a great real hero inside of me. The reason i chose you is you, because your innocence, and great freedom of speech made me write for you. I choose you because i love adventures hhh.
    Please marry me thank you. If you are married, Its ok, but God bless you, wish to see longer and stronger.

    Note: Forward this to Jenneeeefar the squarl.. Thank you!

  2. Stick to being an actress! Being in a PSA sharing your political views and dogging one political party over the other is lame. You’re obviously irrelevant and looking for publicity.

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