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Jennifer Lawrence Describes Mystique’s ‘X-Men: First Class’ Evolution

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Mystique has reasons for being a villain in the “X-Men” franchise, as Jennifer Lawrence, who plays the blue-skinned character in “X-Men: First Class,” knows very well. Getting into the history of Mystique was part of why she loved playing her.

“I love characters that evolve and stories that evolve, and that’s my favorite part about this entire film — every character goes through an evolution to get to where they are now,” Lawrence told IGN. “We know which side they are on, but with this movie we get to see why.”

“That’s what I think is interesting: she’s not just a good girl gone bad, she’s a good girl that’s been hurt and kind of finds a resolve or comfort on this side that she really thinks is right,” she explained.

“She doesn’t think that she’s going to the bad side or the dark side, I think that that was just what made more sense to her,” the actress continued. “Because at the end of it she realises that she can’t get rid of it. She’s tried to be normal her whole life, and this side supports and accepts her totally for who she is.”

Lawrence says Mystique is in some ways a normal teenager dealing with insecurities and learning to live with herself.

“She’s insecure about being a mutant, but she slowly grows to accept it and evolves into herself and starts to love it,” she said.

As for the evolution of Mystique’s powers, Lawrence shed a little light on the character’s growth as a mutant in the film.

“She’s been shape-shifting for a long time, but she’s just recently learning about her superhuman agility,” she revealed. “She discovers that in the movie.”

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