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Zoë Kravitz and Jennifer Lawrence Are BFF

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They fight side-by-side in the upcoming superhero reboot “X-Men: First Class,” but the reality of Jennifer Lawrence and Zoë Kravitz is a little less ass-kicking and a little more… hair-braiding.

After interviewing both actresses — separately — and we can formally announce: these two are totally BFFs.

“Zoë Kravitz is… I think… well, she’s my best friend. I don’t know how she feels about me,” Lawrence told NextMovie and MTV Radio last week, but she’s got nothing to worry about.

“We are very, very, very close,” Kravitz confirms.

“She called me up the other day and goes, ‘Just so you know, I talk about you in interviews all the time. It would be really embarrassing if you don’t talk about me in interviews, too,'” Kravitz says. “I love her.”

Kravitz and Lawrence star in “X-Men” as Angel Salvadore and Mystique, respectively — and whether their shared status as mutant-Americans translates to harmony onscreen, their off-screen bonding was epic. “She was kind of my godsend on this film,” says Kravitz. “It was nice to have another girl my age who is so fun and so beautiful.”

“We, together, are like ‘Dumb and Dumberer’ or like Beavis and Butthead,” Kravitz adds. “It’s pretty embarrassing actually. Our IQs go down when we’re together ’cause we’re so stupid. But it was nice. We’d have slumber parties.”

With her father, actor/musician Lenny Kravitz, cast in Lawrence’s next project — the big screen adaptation of “The Hunger Games” — the actresses should have plenty of time to keep the love alive.

“I actually was talking to Jen today and she was like, ‘It’s only a two-hour flight! Get out here now!’ So I might go see her even before. I don’t know when [my dad is] going, but yeah.”

Speaking of relationships that blossomed on set… Kravitz walked away from “X-Men” with more than just a new best friend. Long-standing rumors of her romantic relationship with co-star Michael Fassbender have been confirmed — photographers in New York City let the cat out of the bag with pics of the two strolling arm-in-arm over the weekend and Fassbender later confessed his love via Twitter.

Kravitz explains, “I’m a very private person. I hang out in my neighborhood, I take the subway, I’m super into being a regular person, so no, [seeing those photos] was a weird experience.”

“Things are good,” she says of her relationship with Fassbender. “It’s all good. It’s all good in the hood.”

Source: NextMovie

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