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New Jennifer Lawrence in “The Hunger Games” Still!

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Kat August 1, 2011 - 1:45 am

The book was okay. The movie, however, looks too cheesy and like another fad to mean anything. Katniss’ attire is okay, but Gale’s is awful! Peeta, what I’ve seen of him in the preview pictures, doesn’t look too bad attire-wise, but in looks in general – bleh!

I don’t see how (or why) Jennifer Lawrence would mean so much to so many people because of her being in the “iconic” Katniss Everdeen role. Katniss was an overrated character from the start – her least annoying time was before the reaping. But screaming “Prim!” and rushing to the stage was terrible, too.

We get it, Katniss! You love your sister and didn’t want her to be in the Games. But she’d end up dying anyway in Mockingjay so what’s the point? You and Peeta would’ve never met and you wouldn’t have gotten a cool title of being the girl on fire in such a wimpy way. You didn’t even want to be a mockingjay – you only accepted it in the last book when things were winding down.

You could’ve lived in the Seam and kept the world you knew in order and continued to be the rebellious girl who crawls under a fence to hunt, finds food, and be the heroine of your own life. Overrated character, really. She seems so selfish, too! Which she hides by thinking of others too much to be normal. Gale and Peeta were way too good to even be associated with Katniss. Story is far from original – just a watered down version of Battle Royale.

Katniss isn’t even cold and calculating! She killed, what, one person? Wow – monster alert! The perfect goody-goody character to make a dark and depressing story light and happy. All of the threats in the arena are practically hidden – the other Tributes aren’t even threatening. They were in the woods and there weren’t even any big animal sightings? All someone needed to do was get a badass attitude and they could rule the Hunger Games.

Unoriginal, stupid heroine, and annoying plotting. Catching Fire was the best of them all – the rest were okay. That meaning below average okay.


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