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Jennifer Lawrence Freaks Out Over Josh Hutcherson Prank

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Jennifer Lawrence “peed her pants” after Hutcherson’s prank. Josh Hutcherson is afraid his “The Hunger Games” co-star, Jennifer Lawrence will get satisfaction for his prank. Hutcherson tells “Entertainment Weekly” that he put a scary dummy from the movie set of “The Hunger Games” in the bathroom of Lawrence’s trailer. Hutcherson said that Jennifer Lawrence reported that she actually lost her water because she was so frightened by the dummy.

Josh Hutcherson said, “I’m sure she’s going to pay me back. I’m just terrified because she is someone I can see taking it to the next level and somebody could get hurt”.

I think this is a publicity stunt to give attention to the actors and the movie series. Ever since Hollywood started making movies, publicity has played a big part of their business. The studios would pair contract players and have them seen together. Then the gossip columnists would put out rumors and hints about the stars. There were magazines devoted to the popular movie stars. There was a code of conduct or morals that the stars had to abide by. If they didn’t, the studios would hide the offensive behavior or the stars would hide their own problems.

Source: BSC Kids

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