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The Hunger Games Copies Twilight (Again!) With First-Look Footage at VMAs

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We told ya before, and we’ll tell ya again: Lionsgate is determined to film and promote their hot new trilogy like it was Twilight all over again.

So what’s the latest copycat move?

Hawk star Jennifer Lawrence at the hippest awards shows—just like Kristen Stewart!

It was just announced that not only will Sunday’s MTV Video Music Awards be the first place The Hunger Games footage will be seen, but guess who’s introducing it all?

Jennifer Lawrence! Or should we be calling her J.Law now?

“You’d think they could come up with their own plan,” bitched one member of the highly successful media makers behind The Twilight Saga team. “It’s a little disingenuous.”

Or not?

Really, there’s no rule that says a hot new franchise can’t simply utilize the hottest platforms available, right?

But if you’ve already copied the four-part release plan as the other flicks, it’s starting to look a little passé, eh?

Oh, quit complaining, you mega-rich Twi-execs! There’s enough young movie blood to go around, we say.

Bring on more Twi-copycat stuff, as far as we’re concerned.

We can’t wait to see who Jennifer Lawrence is gonna win Best Kiss with!

Source: E Online

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