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Jennifer Lawrence Compares Kim Kardashian’s Divorce to ‘The Hunger Games’

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The Hunger Games star Jennifer Lawrence recently talked about reality TV, calling the demise of Kim Kardashian’s marriage “heartbreaking.”

It’s pretty amazing that someone like Jennifer can feel sympathy for someone like Kim—after all, she worked hard to get where she’s at in Hollywood, impressing audiences with her amazing acting skills in the movie Winter’s Bone, while Kim has become a star by starring in a sex tape and on multiple reality shows that might not be all that real.

However, Jennifer probably views reality shows in a much different way after working on The Hunger Games, a movie set in a futuristic world where people are entertained by watching kids fight to the death. According to Contact Music, she recently compared the demise of Kim Kardashian’s marriage to the movie by saying this: “We all can’t wait to tune in to the new season of ‘The Kardashians’ to watch a marriage be destroyed. That’s such a heartbreaking, terrible thing to happen to anybody and we tune in and watch it. We’re become more and more desensitized to the things we see on TV. That’s our entertainment: people suffering.”So does Jennifer Lawrence make a good point? Should all the Kardashian haters actually feel sorry for Kim?

It’s nice that the Oscar-nominated actress is so caring, but maybe she doesn’t keep up with the Kardashians enough. Kim and her family have complete control over what gets shown on their reality show, and she didn’t have to feature the end of her marriage to Kris Humphries if she didn’t want to. However, she knew it would get good ratings and would be a good way to gain sympathy from her fans. In fact, there have even been rumors that she and Kris Jenner might have faked a scene months after Kim and Kris got divorced in order to make Kim seem more sympathetic.

So there’s one big difference between The Hunger Games and Kim Kardashian’s shows that Jennifer Lawrence fails to see. In her movie, kids are forced to fight to the death for entertainment, while Kim is making the choice to be on reality TV. She can walk away from it whenever she wants to, and might be making an attempt to do so—she’s landed quite a few acting gigs lately, so perhaps she wants to be a part of Jennifer Lawrence’s world.

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