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Jennifer Lawrence: ‘I Get Angelina’s Leftovers’

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The Hunger Games star Jennifer Lawrence has joked that she gets Angelina Jolie’s “leftovers”.

Speaking to MTV, the 21-year-old actress – who plays Katniss Everdeen in the eagerly awaited new movie – revealed that her next projects are two films with Bradley Cooper.

She explained: “I just wrapped a movie called The Silver Linings Playbook, and that’ll be out at some point, I don’t know when.

“And then I’m going to go shoot another Bradley Cooper movie. It’s not a Bradley Cooper movie — Bradley Cooper’s in the movie — it’s a Jennifer Lawrence movie with Bradley in it.“Bradley Cooper and I are going to come out with a Jennifer Lawrence/ Bradley Cooper box set.”

And she explained that the second film will be called Serena and that she will be playing a role originally intended for Angelina Jolie.

She quipped: “I’m not at the status where I have her roles. I have her leftovers, let’s be clear. She left it for me. I have her garbage. No, that’s a wonderful place to be. I’m an actor digging through Angelina Jolie’s garbage. I’ve made it.”

The Hunger Games has received a positive reception from the critics, with some dubbing it the best children’s novel adaptation for years.

It is in cinemas from Friday, March 23.

Source: MTV UK

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