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Jennifer Lawrence Is Afraid You Might Not Want To Be Her Friend Once ‘Hunger Games’ Debuts

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“It didn’t surprise me, which was good,” she said. “During filming, I really liked everything I was seeing, I liked everything Gary was doing. And then I saw it, and it was all there.”

The only part of the movie she didn’t like? Take a wild guess (and if you need a hint, just remember that Jennifer is pretty much the most self-deprecating actress ever to grace the silver screen).

“I mean, it’s always hard for me, watching, because I think I’m a horrible troll and I’ll never work again,” she admitted. “But overall I think everyone else in the movie is fantastic.”Fortunately (and unsurprisingly), nobody else seems to agree with Jennifer’s assessment of her troll-like performance—including the paparazzi who’ve been getting pushier and pushier since the actress’ casting in “The Hunger Games” made her a big-deal star on everyone’s lists of ones to watch. She exclaimed, “I get photographers hiding in my bushes! We’re way past autographs, we’re into being stalked and followed.”

The only reaction she’s still waiting on? Yours! Because while fans have been increasingly enthusiastic about Jennifer’s ability to bring Katniss Everdeen to life, the day of judgment (i.e. the movie’s theatrical release) is yet to come. Or, as she explained, “Everybody’s been really nice. But the movie’s not out yet, so we’ll see.”

Indeed we will! And honestly, we’re not at all worried about liking Jennifer as Katniss. We are, however, worried about packing at least 10 backup pairs of clean underpants in our “Hunger Games” premiere go-bag.

Source: Hollywood Crush

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