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Jennifer On Liam: ‘He’s Everything You Would Daydream about him being’

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Forget Twilight, Robert Pattinson and vampires, The Hunger Gamesis the new film on the block and set to be an even bigger hit.

Luckily, More magazine got to have a chat with the heroine of the film and all round nice gal Jennifer Lawrence about important things like how dreamy Liam Hemsworth is.

When asked about her character, Katniss in the The Hunger Games, she summed her up perfectly: ‘She’s a hero who doesn’t mean to be one. She’s perfectly happy with her life, but she’s forced into a situation where she has to be strong. She’s a real fighter though.’

And after all the niceties were out of the way, More got down to the important stuff, like asking her how was it working with Liam Hemsworth: ‘He’s just as hot in real life and a real sweetheart. He’s everything that you daydream about him being.’

Aw jeez, we knew it.The questions got harder still, as More asked Jen who she would choose out of her costars Liam and Josh Hutcherson:

‘[Laughs] That’s a tough call! I’m in the same pickle as my character Katniss, who can’t decide between Liam [who plays her friend Gale], or Josh [contestant Peeta].

But More (and us) couldn’t help but wonder if Jennifer was concerned about getting to a Twilight level of fame, as the hype around this film is reminiscent of that of the Twilight Saga:

‘Yes, but I wouldn’t change my mind about making this movie for anything. I’m still in denial that anybody would recognize me. When somebody takes a picture of me, I always think there’s a famous person behind me!’

And then, to prove that she is just like us, she revealed that she does in fact get star-struck: ‘Yeah, my heart actually stopped beating for a moment when I saw Brad and Angelina at the Golden Globes. I also sat next to Tilda Swinton at the ceremony and I couldn’t close my mouth.’

She also said that her dream role would have been Bridget Jones, ‘but the movie already exists! Even though I’m not English, I put it on whenever I feel homesick.’

In short, and if it was even possible, we now love Jennifer even more.

Source: Sugarscape

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