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Josh Hutcherson Mentioned Jennifer Lawrence In An Interview

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Josh Hutcherson mentioned Jennifer in an interview with Cinema UOL.

YouTube – Were there any particularly funny moment during filming? 

Hutcherson – Before you start playing, I, Liam [Hemsworth] and Jennifer [Lawrence] we became good friends. We were in North Carolina and wanted to do something fun. We found a river to swim. Jennifer and I grew up in the south where there are creatures like lobsters in the rivers. Liam is from Australia, had never seen. I sought to show him one. Then I lifted a stone and accidentally picked up a leech. Then I started screaming, Jennifer could not stop laughing, Liam tried to help me get it out of my hand … We had some 900 examples. It was a really fun shoot.

YouTube – Jennifer had to learn archery. What have you learned?

Hutcherson –Nothing (laughs). For me the most was to enter the required physical form, I had to win seven pounds of muscle. It was a lot of exercise, eating plenty of chicken breast, eggs, chicken breast and more. 

Source: Cinema UOL

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