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Late Night: Jennifer Lawrence and bladder chatter on ‘Chelsea’

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This week, “Hunger Games” actress Jennifer Lawrence has been on a whirlwind bicoastal talk-show tour promoting the destined-to-be-a-blockbuster movie. On Tuesday, Lawrence charmed David Letterman by telling him how the red carpet turns her into a nervous, incontinent Chihuahua, and last night on “Chelsea Lately,” she more than held her own with the saucy Ms. Handler.

Given both of Handler’s well-documented scatological fixations, it wasn’t surprising that the interview included a lot of potty talk. (The faint of heart should probably avoid the above video.) “You pee in your pants when you laugh too hard?” Handler asked.

Lawrence explained that, yes, she actually has bladder control issues, but only when she’s scared.”That’s the biggest difference between you and I,” she claimed, suggesting Handler start “exercising [her] vagina” in order to prevent further accidents.

“My publicist is going crazy right now,” Lawrence said. Surely, it wouldn’t be the first time.

Source: LA Times

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