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The Hunger Games Sequel Scoop: Who Should Play Finnick, Johanna and More in Catching Fire?!

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Sure, Hunger Games hasn’t even hit theaters yet, but that doesn’t mean we’re not already dying to talk about the sequel: Catching Fire (due out Thanksgiving of 2013). Especially when it comes to chit-chattin’ about who will be cast in all those new roles—ya know, like hunky Finnick!

And while director Gary Ross cleared the air about who was or wasn’t cast in the sequel already (answer: no one), he was much more playful with press during a pre-premiere junket held at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel. When asked about who he had in mind for Finnick Odair, he teased, “Should I tell you who it is?”

To which everyone desperately pleaded with him to fess up. But alas, Gary went on: “No, I’m kidding.”

“I don’t have an idea for Finnick. That was misstated,” he explained. “Somebody asked me off the cuff, ‘Do you have an idea for Finnick?’ and I went ‘Ah, yeah, a couple ideas!’ Like, ideas bounce around your head but no. That’s going to be a very thorough, professional process when we get into it.”

Which isn’t to say there aren’t some front-runners on the good, old internet—just ask Armie Hammer. But while it’s no secret we think Mirror Mirror‘s prince is gorge, we’ve got our eye on a different dude to play the bad boy tribute from District 4.

Taylor Kitsch. Perfect, no?!

The John Carter and soon to be Battleship star (though he’ll always be Friday Night Lights‘ Tim Riggins in our hearts) has the perfect ‘tude and scruffy good looks to play both suave ladies man and potential death threat. Then he’s got the softer side for Mockingjay.

So let’s get that campaign going, k? #Kitsch4CatchingFire!

But what about the other new folks that pop up in book two?

Reese Witherspoon was recently spotted poolside in Brazil reading Catching Fire. Is she just a bookie or could she possibly be plotting for a role in what’s sure to be the most anticipated sequel since, well, New Moon? We could see her doing her American Sweetheart thing for Wiress…but we’d much prefer she channel her inner bey-otch for arena villain Enobaria.

Then there Johanna Mason, the tough talking chick from District 7. She’s witty, strong and takes no crap from anyone (especially Jennifer Lawrence‘s big screen alter ego, Katniss). Sounds like someone you know from the boob tube? Veronica Mars, duh. Which is why Kristen Bell is our pick for Ms. Mason.

And guess what? Kristen’s already campaigning for the role!

As for Mags, I think we’re all in agreement, right? Betty White! But now we want to hear what you all think of our casting choices so far and hear some of your own. ‘Cause even though it feels like Thursday’s midnight showing of H.G. is eons away, Catching Fire will be upon us in no time!

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