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‘The Hunger Games’ soundtrack debuts at No. 1 on Billboard charts

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The “Hunger Games” just hit the bull’s-eye with its soundtrack, too.

With the movie a hit, the album of songs “inspired” by the film opens at No. 1 on this week’s Billboard Top 200 Album chart, based on sales of just over 175,000 copies.

According to, it’s the first film soundtrack to top the list in three years,since Michael Jackson’s “This Is It” in 2009. The site also notes that “Hunger Games” rates as one of just 16 soundtracks to grace the top slot in the history of the Top 200.

The album, produced by Americana auteur T Bone Burnett, features songs by a host of rootsy artists, from the Civil Wars to Miranda Lambert to the Punch Brothers. It also features alterna-rockers like Arcade Fire and the Decemberists, as well as the far more mainstream Taylor Swift.

The week’s other top entry came from a far less expected source: the thoughtful and long-running indie-rock band the Shins. The New Mexico-born group hadn’t put out an album in five years. Nonetheless, their latest CD, “Port of Morrow,” opened at No. 3 (right behind Adele) with sales of just under 75,000 copies.

The unconventional, and sprawling, hip-hop collectiveOdd Future (ew)took the No. 5 spot. Their debut studio album, “The OF Tape Vol 2,” sold just over 40,000 copies in its first flush.

Meanwhile, the jazz-pop crossover star Esperanza Spalding started off in the No. 9 position, with sales of just over 25,000 copies of her fourth CD, titled “Radio Music Society.”

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