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Jennifer Lawrence of ‘The Hunger Games’ Denied: No Living with Nicholas Hoult According to Mom

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Not all of Jennifer Lawrence’s hopes and dreams have come to fruition. Believe it or not, The Hunger Games’ Jennifer had a recent request denied by her own mother. Jen reportedly wanted to move in with her Nicholas Hoult but her mother’s response was absolutely not! It’s important to remember that being 21 means so much to so many people but that number doesn’t mean anything to a mother.

An insider spewing gossip said, “Jennifer is crazy about Nicholas! They’re antsy to move into her Los Angeles home together, but her mother Karen is very much against it. She thinks they’re both too young and need to focus on their careers instead of complicating their lives with domestic matters.”However, Lawrence’s mother thinks the idea is terrible considering how young her daughter and 22-year-old Hoult are. But, the decision isn’t made easy by Hoult’s insistence. He reportedly wants her to ignore her mother’s worries.

The insider also added, “Jennifer has a lot of respect for her mother, so she’s really torn about living with Nicholas. The bottom line is she’s extremely confused and trying to find a compromise to please both her mom and her boyfriend.”

Jennifer Lawrence won’t have to worry if it’s true love. Nicholas Hoult will still be there in a few years. There’s really no need to rush into anything right now. But, what do you think? Should Lawrence just move in with Hoult despite her mother’s wishes?

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voldie April 29, 2012 - 5:44 am

I’m all for the happiness of Nick and Jen ;D, but what does it mean that he reportedly has said that he wants to ignore Jennifer’s mother’s worries? I hope that isn’t true.


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