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Jennifer Lawrence brings her personal style to ‘House at the End of the Street’

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After wearing lots of elaborate costumes in The Hunger Games, Jennifer Lawrence steps into a simpler style in her new scary movie, House at the End of the Street (in theaters Sept. 21).

In the film, Lawrence plays Elissa, a student who moves to a rural town with her mother only to discover horrific secrets about the house next door. Naturally, this doesn’t leave her much time to obsess about what she’s going to wear to school.

“We wanted [the look] to be accessible and not too polished or shiny,” says costume designer Jennifer Stroud. ”She’s not an overly bubbly girl, she puts most of her personality into her accessories.” In fact, one of the accessories seen on Lawrence’s character — a medallion necklace, pictured above — belongs to the actress herself.“She had the idea to wear it like it was a class ring that belonged to her character’s father, a musician,” explains Stroud. “[It shows] the character’s emotional attachment to him.”

Another piece that represents the character’s attachment to her musician dad? Her harmonica necklace, which Stroud found at Urban Outfitters.

The necklace appeared on Glee earlier this year and is—not surprisingly—currently sold out (though we found a similar style here).

What do you think about Katniss…err, Jennifer’s new look?

Source: EW Popstyle

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