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One Direction’s Harry Styles ‘Chasing’ Jennifer Lawrence

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After seeing her fall up the stairs at the Oscars, we’d imagine pretty much the entire world fell in love with Jennifer Lawrence, but apparently she’s got a particular fan in Harry Styles. There were rumours that she’d caught the eye of the One Direction singer last month and apparently Harreh has since had one of those crushes where it feels like the butterfllies are playing netball all over your small intestine.

There are always rumours involving Harry’s supposed love life on the go and according to this week’s bunch, he’s supposedly developed a bit of a thing for J-Law that has led to a bit of good old-fashioned Facebook stalking.

“Harry first noticed her during the Golden Globes and one day he YouTubed loads of videos of her and loved how funny and self-deprecating she was,” a source told Heat.

With 1D3D yet to hit the cinemas, there seemed little chance Harry casually bumping into her on the red carpet and according to this blabbermouth, he apparently decided to try out a bit of casual chatting up via that well-known matchmaking website, Twitter. We can’t imagine this can have gone without any of his 11.5million followers noticing, but as J-Law doesn’t actually have Twitter, Harreh has apparently been crushing over a spoof account intstead.

The gossip-monger continued: “He even wrote about his crush on his Facebook page, describing Jennifer as ‘perfect’. He was hoping to start chatting to her casually on Twitter – he’s done it with loads of celebs before – but didn’t realise it wasn’t the real Jennifer Lawrence.”

“He’s not getting ahead of himself, but he’d love to meet her – though she’s one of the few girls he might not be able to keep his cool around.”

We know how you feel Harold, we’d probably melt into a pile of joy on the floor if we bumped into J-Law in the supermarket. That said, as much as we’d like to see him and Jen on a date, we’re not sure we trust in this source’s supposed knowledge about all this.

Source: Sugar Scape

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clare March 18, 2013 - 8:41 pm

Jennifer can do WAYY better. she’s too good for him!


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