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Jennifer Talks About Working with Jodie Foster

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Oscar winning actress Jennifer Lawrence says she liked director Jodie Foster’s direction style when she worked with her in the 2011 movie “The Beaver”.

Lawrence, 22, enjoyed the fact that Foster, who is an actress herself, was clear about what she wanted from actors while shooting.

“What I like about working with an actress as a director is that she’s not afraid of actors,” quoted Lawrence as saying.

“People tip-toe around actors like they are emotional land mines, which is probably right, but I find that annoying because I want someone to tell me what I’m doing wrong. She was very blunt. She would just be like, ‘Talk louder. Do this’. I like that a lot,” she said.

Lawrence has also started filming “X-Men: Days of Future Past”. In the film, she will reprise the role of Mystique.

Source: We Speak News

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