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Winona Ryder: “My Heart Goes Out” to Jennifer Lawrence and Kristen Stewart

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Winona Ryder laments Jennifer Lawrence and Kristen Stewart’s lack of privacy in a candid new cover story for Interview magazine’s May issue.

Asked specifically about what Lawrence and Stewart are “going through today,” Ryder tells the mag, “I have to say, I really wonder if I would become an actress if I was their age now.”

“I don’t know how they do it, though, in just trying to maintain some degree of a personal life and privacy,” says the actress, going on to reference Jodie Foster’s Golden Globes plea for privacy.

Ryder explains, “I heard people who were like, ‘Why is she talking about privacy when she’s on stage?’ But I have to say, I got what she was saying.”

“Look, this is a story in Interview, so I do get how people complaining about privacy when they’re actually doing very public things can come across as a bit hypocritical,” says the movie star. “But I do feel so lucky that I got to get in at least 15 years pre-whatever that show is called where they follow you around and then put it on the Internet. That stuff just didn’t exist before.”

“I also have yet to make sense of reality shows and the whole famous-to-be-famous thing where I don’t really know what they do, but they’re very famous — I know that’s a whole other thing,” continues Ryder.

She adds, ”But in terms of what happened to me or to other people who are friends of mine who have gone through difficult times where it’s really publicized… You know, it’s hard.”

“So it’s a combination of my heart goes out to them, but then at the same time I know that they don’t know anything different,” concludes the actress.

Source: Gossip Cop

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