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Winter’s Bone Author Daniel Woodrell Talks About Jennifer!

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Winter’s Bone’s Author Daniel Woodrell has recently mentioned Jennifer Lawrence to Bookish during an interview. Below is the the quoted interview.

Bookish: Did any of the actors ask you about your book?

DW: A number of them had read it and mentioned that to me. John Hawkes knew the book pretty well and he knew his character pretty well from the book, and although I wasn’t on the set, I heard that he brought up things from the book that he thought might fit [in the movie]. Jennifer Lawrence said that her mother read the book when it was new and told her, “If they make this into a movie, I want you to get this part.”

Bookish: That’s amazing–and look at her now!

DW: Yes. Boy, that didn’t take long. She actually was 17 or something [at the time of filming].

Bookish: Is that the age of the character in the novel?

DW: She’s almost 17. So it was age-appropriate. And I knew that’s one of the things [director] Debra Granik wanted–she didn’t want a 27-year-old. 

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