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Amy Adams ‘Wanted’ To Kiss Jennifer Lawrence In ‘American Hustle’

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Amy and Jennifer’s big kissing scene was apparently Amy’s idea!

Everybody wants a piece of Jennifer Lawrence these days — including her American Hustle co-star Amy Adams! Following a Nov. 23 screening of their new movie in Los Angeles, Amy got pretty candid about a sexy scene the two women share.

In the soon-to-be-infamous scene, Jennifer — who plays Christian Bale‘s character’s wife, Rosalyn — encounters Amy — who plays Rosalyn’s husband’s mistress, Sydney — in a bathroom… and they kiss! More specifically, Rosalyn kisses Sydney, and you have Amy to thank for the surprising move.

I don’t take credit for a lot of things, but that was my idea,” Amy said at the screening. Though director David O. Russell explained the kiss as “a period to their toxic good-bye,” Amy offered a far simpler possibility: “Maybe I just wanted to kiss Jennifer. She’s so cute!”

That she is, Amy. That she is.

American Hustle, which is already generating Oscar buzz, tells the story of the FBI ABSCAM operation of the late ’70s/early ’80s, focusing specifically on one tumultuous group of young adults. The film also stars Bradley Cooper and Jeremy Renner, who round out an all-star cast.

The highly anticipated flick hits theaters nationwide on Dec. 18.

Source: Hollywood Life

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