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ELLE Canada Interview Jennifer Lawrence

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Elle Canada recently did an interview with Jennifer Lawrence.

Jennifer Lawrence says she’s made up of “a lot of contradictions.” It’s surprising to hear this from the Kentucky-born actress, who has rapidly risen from indie up-and-comer to international sweetheart. (I would call her an A-lister, but the letter doesn’t seem prominent enough.) Few actresses seem as genuine–few people, in fact. Any perceived gaffe she makes (like that stumble…you know the one) seems to present a new opportunity for the Twitterverse to rhapsodize about the 23-year-old’s fresh-faced amicability.

Sure, Lawrence, who stars in this fall’s massive Hunger Games sequel,Catching Fire, and shines as the face of Dior, is a girl you’d like to be friends with. She loves “crappy reality television” and makes “a good meat loaf.” But she’s more than that. Lawrence is serious and lets out contemplative sighs more often than I thought she would. She’s learning where she fits into the confusing puzzle of fame and adulthood. The Academy Award winner is in the midst of mind-splitting success yet wants to “take a big break.” It’s unlikely that that will happen anytime soon, though.

How was filming Catching Fire
“I’d assumed I was just going to go back to doing the same character, which is kind of boring, because I’ve always done new characters–a new movie and a new place. But she has changed a lot. It was really interesting.” 

You’re working on a few more films that are based on books, like Serena and East of Eden. Do you read a lot? 
“I do! Books were my first introduction to stories–why I love making movies. Now, I’m reading The Alchemistand I’m in the middle of Keith Richards’ memoir.” 

That book is crazy but awesome. 
“It’s really great! I saw the Rolling Stones in concert when I was in Montreal filming X-Men, and I just love them.”

How was Montreal? That’s where I’m from. 
“Oh‚ really? I love Montreal! It’s such a cool city. It’s got a really relaxed vibe. It’s very individual. It’s kind of its own thing. And the restaurants are amazing. My favourite restaurant was probably Barroco in the Old Port.”

You mentioned Keith Richards, who has had such a long career. At 23, you’ve already accomplished so much; do you have goals that you’re holding onto for when you’re older?
“I’d like to direct. I’m producing now, and I hope that I can be a good producer. But also just real-life stuff: having a family, [figuring out] where I would live–normal things that every girl thinks about.”

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