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Bradley Cooper Talks About Jennifer Lawrence

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Bradley Cooper recently talks about Jennifer during an interview with Yahoo. He mentioned about Jennifer’s performance and working with Jen once again!

Q: In American Hustle, you’re also working with Jennifer Lawrence again. Are you close friends, now?

COOPER: Jennifer amazes me each time we work together. She’s so naturally gifted as an actress and she can bring so much to every role. I’ve worked with her on three films now (they also co-star in Serena together, a film set in the Depression) and we get along so well. She’s very uninhibited and she always tells you what’s on her mind and it’s a joy to be around someone like that.

Q: How would you describe her performance in American Hustle?

COOPER: (Laughs) She plays this wild character. She’s also very funny in this film and it’s a different role from what she’s done in the past and I think audiences are going to be blown away by her – again! (Laughs) She’s incredible.

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