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Christian Bale Praises Jennifer Lawrence

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Christian Bale has recently talks about Jennifer’s performance in ‘American Hustle’ who plays Bale’s wife, Rosalyn in the movie.

One disagreement included the initial casting of Lawrence as Irv’s young wife, Rosalyn. In Russell’s original script, Rosalyn was more “appropriately-aged,” Bale says. “I like Jennifer an awful lot and she is incredibly talented but I said, you know what, I think this provides extreme complications. I don’t know why we’re doing this. Through no fault of her own, I could be her dad. I’ve got friends who had kids when they were 17, 18 years old.”

But Lawrence played up the aspects of a mismatched couple and a scheming young housewife eager to crush her husband’s mistress (Adams). “It really worked,” says Bale. “I was very surprised and amazed.”

She wasn’t the only one. “Massage them? I kind of wanted to do that too, but I didn’t know where the line between co-stars was drawn and I guessed it was drawn at man-boobs,” says Lawrence. “That was very exciting. I made out with Batman.”

Source: USA Today

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