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Jennifer Lawrence Says She’s Always Nervous, but Christian Bale Calls Her a “Tough Cookie”

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Jennifer Lawrence is one of the biggest names in the industry right now, but that doesn’t stop the butterflies in her stomach.

Regardless of being a big shot, J. Law tells E! News that she continues to get anxious for everything she does in her career and that having fame does nothing to change that.

“No, I’m always just very nervous,” she tells E! News at the American Hustle junket. “I never feel like, ‘I’ve got this.’ I’m always very nervous and aware of how quickly people can hate you and that scares me. I never feel like I’m on top of it or I know what I’m doing…so, no. I never get a big head, I just get more and more anxious.”

But her costar Christian Bale thinks otherwise.

“I don’t believe that it scares her,” Bale tells E! News of Lawrence being afraid. “I think she seems to comes alive; she seems to live in front of interviews and everything.”

He continues, “It scares when you understand that you can be misunderstood so easily. I don’t mind myself being misunderstood, but I hate it when people are asking me questions about other people and they misunderstand what I’m saying, it just fills me with guilt.”

But if Bale was to say anything snarky about Lawrence, it would be to her face. “She loves nothing more than a good fight,” he tells us. “She’s up for it. She’s a tough cookie. And she talks like a sailor and so I enjoy those conversations with her.”

The chemistry between Bale and Lawrence’s characters onscreen is undeniable, and Christian shares that it was immediate.

“We rehearsed on film. We didn’t have any rehearsal periods ahead of time. We had a brief read-through which we all kind of sat and thought, ‘Why did we do that?’ because I don’t really understand read-throughs because you’re not really doing it properly, but she’s so talented.

“And we just had a really great atmosphere on the set of freedom to do whatever we wished and yeah, it just happened. And the humor comes not from us attempting for it to be funny—not from any sort of nudge-nudge, wink-wink, looking at the camera saying, ‘Here comes the punchline.’ It was just through the hilarity of human relationships and how crazy people are and we just played that truthfully, and it just becomes hilarious.”

American Hustle hits theaters Dec. 13.

Source: E Online

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