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The All-Star Cast of ‘American Hustle’ Dishes on Their Famous ‘70s Do’s

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“omg! Insider” special correspondent Carly Steel caught up with all the stars of “American Hustle” on Sunday and got the inside scoop on the film’s wild hairdo’s! Bradley Cooper spent three hours in hair and makeup every day to get those tight curls and Christian Bale actually shaved his head to pull off his character’s comb over ‘do. So who should win the Oscar for Best Supporting Hair? Co-star Jeremy Renner weighed in, casting his vote for Cooper. “I think Bradley should win because he had to spend the most time,” he shared. Amy Adams had a different opinion, voting for Bale all the way! She told “omg! Insider, “I’m gonna go with Christian just because he actually had to live with that bald spot on his head for 2 ½ months!” But Jennifer Lawrence was a little less decisive than her peers. “I want to say Bradley because I just loved seeing him in pink curlers in the morning. But, I mean, Christian shaved. That’s commitment.” Check out the vid to hear what Amy Adams had to say about her passionate on-screen kiss with Jennifer Lawrence and be sure to tune in to “omg! Insider” on TV tonight for the latest in entertainment news.


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