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Jen Phones Kristen Stewart to Talk About KStew’s Romance with Nick

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Jennifer Lawrence has reportedly called up Kristen Stewart on her phone to talk about Kristen’salleged link-up with her boyfriend Nicholas Hoult, various media reports suggest. The “Twilight” actress has been romantically linked to Hoult as they are working together in an upcoming movie titled “Equals.” There is speculation in the media that Jennifer Lawrence’s relationship with Hoult has suffered a setback because of Kristen. Various Web sites also reported than Jen and Nick have allegedly broken up because of “Twilight” actress.

 However, new reports by Daily Star reveal that the “Hunger Games” actress really had a good laugh when she came to know about various media reports that she and Nick have broken up because of Nick’s ongoing romance with Kristen. JLaw reportedly called up Kristen Stewart on her phone and jokingly addressed the issue.

“She rang Kristen and said jokingly, ‘Oh, apparently you’re seeing my boyfriend?’ Kristen allegedly laughed it off before the girls giggled down the phone together,” a source close to JLaw revealed to the Web site.

Kristen Stewart and Nicholas Hoult are working together in a movie titled “Equals” and the two are busy shooting for it in Tokyo, Japan. The rumours of their romance kicked off when Nicholas posted a picture on his Instagram account of a woman, who looks like Kristen Stewart, getting her navel pierced. Though the face of the woman in the video is not shown, many fans were quick to notice that it was none other than Kristen Stewart.

Nicholas also talked about his on screen chemistry with Kristen and called her a wonderful actress.

“Kristen is a great actress and that just makes it very relaxed and my job very easy,” revealed Nick at a recent press conference, the Web site reports.

Nicholas Hoult also posted couple of pictures with KStew on his Instagram account where they are taking selfies between shoots. In one particular shot, Nick is seen covering his face as he laughs away on what seemed like a joke from Kristen.

Despite all the break-up rumours, Nick and Jennifer are still together, the Web site reports citing some inside sources. “J-Law and Nicholas are still a couple,” the source close to the couple revealed to the Web site.

Source: IB Times

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