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Jennifer Lawrence Breaks Silence on Her Nude Photo Hack to Vanity Fair

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Oh my god! I’m going to scream right now! Jennifer Lawrence is on November issue of Vanity Fair and it’s jaw dropping gorgeous! Jennifer breaks her silence by addressing the recent unfortunate nude photos hack and claimed it’s not hack, it’s sex crime!

Jennifer Lawrence Cover Vanity Fair Mag - November

Jennifer Lawrence has broken her silence over her stolen nude photos that were leaked online this summer, telling Vanity Fair in an interview excerpt published Tuesday the hack was “not a scandal. It is a sex crime.”

In the November cover story, Lawrence recalled trying to address the leak—which affected more than 100 celebrities—but “every single thing that I tried to write made me cry or get angry. I started to write an apology, but I don’t have anything to say I’m sorry for. I was in a loving, healthy, great relationship for four years. It was long distance, and either your boyfriend is going to look at porn or he’s going to look at you.”

Lawrence also strongly condemned those who perpetuated the violation against her privacy.

Jennifer Lawrence Cover Vanity Fair Mag - November

“Anybody who looked at those pictures, you’re perpetuating a sexual offense,” she said. “You should cower with shame. Even people who I know and love say, ‘Oh, yeah, I looked at the pictures.’ I don’t want to get mad, but at the same time I’m thinking, ‘I didn’t tell you that you could look at my naked body.’”

But even as the actress told the emotional story of telling her father what happened—”I don’t care how much money I get for The Hunger Games, I promise you, anybody given the choice of that kind of money or having to make a phone call to tell your dad that something like that has happened, it’s not worth it”—she maintained her signature humor.

“Fortunately, he was playing golf, so he was in a good mood.”

The 3,000 word piece will be available in Vanity Fair’s digital edition on Oct. 9, then on newsstands nationwide Oct. 14.

It’s time to hit back, JLaw! We are on your side!


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