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Jennifer Lawrence Is A Victim of Another Privacy Violation

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Four months after Jennifer Lawrence’s private photos were stolen and posted on the Internet, the Oscar-winning actress finds herself the victim of another privacy violation.

The Daily Beast reports that The Hunger Games star is one of the collateral sufferers of this month’s Sony hack by the collective Guardians of Peace, which succeeded in ripping reams of private e-mails and information from the studio’s server before dumping them on the Internet.

Per the report:
Lawrence and her fabulous email handle (redacted by make several cameos in the leak, including numerous pleasant exchanges with Amy Pascal, co-chairman of Sony Pictures Entertainment, over her dazzling turn in American Hustle, which was co-financed by Sony arm Columbia Pictures. There’s also an interesting email exchange between Pascal and Brian Helgeland, screenwriter of the planned Cleopatra biopic, with Pascal suggesting that Helgeland dump Angelina Jolie in favor of Lawrence—an idea Helgeland says he’s given some thought to.

In addition to her e-mail address, The Daily Beast also uncovered messages between Sony executives discussing the back-end compensation she was set to receive for American Hustle—the most unsettling discovery being that Lawrence was set to receive less than any of her male co-stars despite being the film’s biggest box office draw.

Source: Vanity Fair 

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