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Jennifer Lawrence Talks About Her Role in ‘Joy’!

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During the ‘Joy’ post-screening question and answer session in New York, director David discusses his choice on choosing his first film with a woman protagonist at the center in ‘Joy’.

“It’s the story of that woman’s journey from the time she’s 10 to the time she’s 43. I’d never done that [before]. And I’d also never gone into [a movie about a] more grounded, mature person, a more ordinary person who became extraordinary and was extraordinary from a young age. I got to do the magic of that young age, I got to do her nightmares, and I got to see what it was like how she handled success.”

On the other part, Jennifer expressed her why she takes interest of the role and working with David once again.

“I got to play a woman across four generations, which is incredible for an actor.” As for reuniting with Russell, she turned to the director, seated beside her and said, “I’ll do anything with you until you die,” quickly adding with a laugh, “It’s sweet and f—ed up.”

‘Joy’ has been screened in Los Angeles and New York!

Via Hollywood Reporter

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