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Jennifer Lawrence in Los Angeles, CA on October 29

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Jennifer Lawrence is seen grabbing lunch with her boyfriend in Los Angeles, CA on October 29, 2018.

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Christopher Mireles December 22, 2018 - 3:34 am

Hey Jennifer, tonight was fairly uneventful for me, except for the whole lecture I got from both parents at once. Lol I guess there must have been something in the air cause i kind of assumed that once I passed 30 years , I could spend the day in my room working on things, but apparently not. So yeah, that part of my family asked me to go back to my apartment. My other family, I’d rather not get into. Ill just say that i think I’d be a smart move if i got a dog, maybe a bird. I do live near a lake which is full of the most undisciplined ducks you have ecer seen. Every day, i go outside, and I’m struck by a visual of about 15 ducks completely away from the safety of their lake, and instead they are approaching the street, completely fearless to the high speed cars passing by inches from their tails. I try rounding them up and directing them back, but they just shake their tails and act as though my directions are futile. Ill take a picture of their disorganization tom. You will be in awe, i promise. Getting back to my other family, we just don’t get to talk much. I uncovered some things that were pretty tough to swallow, and as such, I think I am going to be searching for a new career or goal. It really kind of sucks because of how much time and effort i have put into it, but when i weigh what has transpired with the fact that I am hopefully(to get everyone off my back about it) going to meet that special Lady and have a child or 2. Ill explain more about the children, as far as i have received certain insight through prayer and other mediums into the future they live in and what they do or were born to do given what their creator blessed them with. Rather interesting but meant for another time I think. Anyways, i think i am going to pray, meditate, and reflect on things for about 30 minutes. I’ll try sending you a prayer. Its always good and comical sending you my long rants, as i picture you being completely bored out of your mind wondering, “who the heck is this guy”. If we continue talking for a long time, you will come to notice that i get rather talkative and i lose my ability to control my laughter when i am either in pain or very tired. Its quite embarassing because often times i find myself talking with someone and i just start smiling at them and invariably they look at me as if i were purposely insulting them. It’s a great time. Well okay, sorry for writing you a letter comparable in length to something by William Shakespeare. Hope you have a wonderful night, and should anything come up requiring a helping hand, dont hesitate to msg me or text or whatever. Byeeee. Christopher Michael Mireles 210-714-2945


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