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Jennifer Lawrence: “I’m Not Good Enough To Date Gale Or Peeta”

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The Hunger Games is the biggest movie release of 2012, so of course we sent Hot Hits Live From LA host Andrew Gunsberg out in Los Angeles to chat to Jennifer Lawrence (Katniss), Liam Hemsworth (Gale) and Josh Hutcherson (Peeta).

Andrew asked Jennifer who she would prefer to date out of Gale or Peeta, and she got a bit confused by the question.

“You mean out of them? See I’m so insecure that I was like, ‘Which one would say yes to me?’ I thought it was the other way round. Which one would feel bad enough to take me out to dinner?” she said.

And Jennifer also opened up about the paparazzi intrusion on her life, which has increased like crazy since she scored this role.

“When people follow me and hide in bushes and take pictures and then there are horrible pictures of me all over the internet that I didn’t know were being taken,” Jennifer said. “Well I assume they’re hiding in bushes, because they’re somewhere and I don’t see them… I can’t even believe that’s legal.”

Plus check out what else Jennifer, Liam and Josh had to say in the rest of our interviews below!


Source: The Hot Hits

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