Carey Mulligan spoke to Deadline on Jennifer Lawrence’s Hollywood gender pay gap.

‘It’s a long overdue conversation and it’s admirable what she has done.’

She said she thought it was good that Jennifer spoke up about it, saying: ‘it means an awful lot to women.’

Carey continued of the ‘age-old issue,’ adding that it ‘is inherently unfair and she has an enormous platform to speak out against it.’

‘Men in Hollywood look up to her because she is powerful,’ she said. ‘She’s using that platform to correct something that isn’t right.’

The mother-of-one also praised Jennifer for providing a role model to girls through her portrayal of Katniss Everdeen in The Hunger Games series.

‘What she does with that role is incredible in terms of the subject for young adults. For teenagers that character is an incredibly strong female role model,’ she said.

Looks like Jennifer has gained much support from celebrities!