James McAvoy and Daniel Radcliffe speak about Jennifer’s gender wage gap during their press junket interview for their recent movie, Victor Frankestein. The duo told Press Association as stated:

“There is definitely an issue and maybe it would get helped by everybody just outing what they earn. But I don’t want to start putting figures on actors’ heads because it’s not what we do.

“I do realise there is a massive discrepancy with how women get paid to men, but I’m not happy telling the world how much I’ve got in the bank. I wouldn’t be comfortable doing that as a plumber and I’m not comfortable doing it as an actor.”

Radcliffe said he is shocked by the mentality that still exists, saying: “The fact that the boys were on one deal and the girls were on another deal was weird. What guy was sitting in a studio somewhere going ‘Hey lets bill the girls out of some money’? — The fact that that mentality still exists is slightly shocking to me.”

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Via Standard UK